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Developmental Preschool & Child Find

Welcome to Developmental Preschool

Welcome to Developmental Preschool (DPS). Our District Program serves families living within our District boundaries. The program implements a developmentally appropriate curriculum that meets the individual needs of each student in accordance with eligible services. The focus is on the development of the whole child in a cognitively rich and responsive environment. Every child in our program has the opportunity to participate in a variety of active learning experiences that foster cognitive, social, emotional and physical growth. Our preschool classrooms create an environment that promotes independence, fosters decision-making and encourages involvement of children and families. 

Betsy Mayo
Preschool Registrar and Assistant

Child Find Information

The district will inform the general public and parents within its boundaries of the responsibility for special education services for students aged three (3) through 21 years and how those services may be accessed. Services for an eligible student with a disability will extend through the conclusion of the instructional year during which the student attains the age of 22.
The district will inform the general public and parents within its boundaries information for children aged birth to 2 years, 10 months and 15 days. 

Parents will be directed to follow these procedures:
Go to:
On left side of website, click on refer a child online
Fill out the appropriate sections and submit.

Screening Information