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Governing Board

Janet Busbee, Briana Walker, Jeff Fortney, Dan Moore, Jackie Ulmer


Commitments have various names across organizations: norms, standard operating procedures, expectations. Whichever term is used, commitments are established with the end goal of working together through trust and a shared understanding on how to operate as an individual within a whole organization. 

On August 22, 2023, the Superintendent and governing board members participated in small and whole group activities aimed at establishing 3-5 collective norms for the CCUSD governing board. 

The norms created from that meeting and listed below articulate the governing board’s operating values and behaviors, create an understanding of how to productively conduct governing board business and establish the foundational expectations of each individual member for the benefit of the whole governing board and CCUSD community. 

Cave Creek Unified Governing Board Norms and Commitments (Board approved & adopted 9/12/23):

1.     We will keep students at the forefront of decision making.

2.     We will represent the board and the district by:

a.     Leading by positive example

b.     Actively listening

c.     Positively acknowledging comments

d.     Positively promoting the board on and off the dais

3.     We will raise awareness of the district’s importance by engaging with the community to increase local buy-in.

4.     We will respect the sensitive nature of information we are privy to and seek clarification/guidance when necessary.

5.     We will acknowledge receipt of communications and inform staff of any significant conversations regarding the district.

6.     As a board member, we will contribute our knowledge, passion and perspective to the collective decision making of the board.  

7.     As board members, we acknowledge the Board’s role as a policy-making entity that trusts the role of the district leaders.

Janet Busbee:
Jeff Fortney:
Dan Moore:
Jackie Ulmer:
Brianna Walker: