•      Welcome to 8th Grade Language Arts! I'm so excited to have you in my class this year! It's going to be an interesting, challenging year, but we'll learn and get through it together. I'm happy to begin school virtually but look forward to being in class with you face-to-face soon!

    light through an open doorway with a woman leg/feet and shadow. Quote: THe shadow proves the sunshine

    Hope is the anthem!

    During hard times, it's easy to forget that good still exists, but IT'S STILL THERE! It's only because of the good in our lives that we can recognize that which is not good.  Instead of dwelling on what's scary or uncertain or overwhelming, I hope you'll join me in looking for the good and practicing gratitude.

Class Work & Homework Policy

  • With the exception of our ongoing Independent Reading assignment, I typically do not assign anything that is strictly homework.  I plan my lessons and class time so that students should have time to complete all or most of their work in class. However, there are times when things like fire drills or student behavior can unexpectedly cut into our work time.  When that is the case, students will be expected to finish their assignments/practice work at home.  All homework is due the following school day unless otherwise specified.

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