1st Period-10th English

    2nd Period-10th English

    3rd Period-10th English

    4th Period-Prep

    5th Period-10th English

    6th Period-10th English

    *MUN Club Meetings-Mondays at lunch

    *Faculty meetings-Mondays after school

    *Office Hours:

    Tuesdays/Wednesdays/Fridays after school, Tuesday/Wednesday/Thursday/Friday at lunch, (try to let me know you're coming).

    *It is important to note that I cannot predict when I have meetings or you have to keep in mind I might be quickly running an errand if it is directly after sixth hour. 

    *graduate school classes-Thursdays after school (means I will take longer to respond to emails on this day)


    MONDAY -- Discuss reading homework or complete a quick activity. Then spend the rest of the class in groups working as a team to complete a collaborative assignment. 

    TUESDAY -- Teacher Instruction related to the week's lesson and Monday's group. When teacher clarifies what couldn't be clarified in group. 

    WEDNESDAY & THURSDAY --  Activities related to the week's lesson that focus on areas like: vocabulary, context, background, history, pop culture, real-world applications, etc. 

    FRIDAY -- Writing Assessment. This usually means an in-class essay of some kind. I will provide a prompt and students will freewrite based on it OR I will provide specific guidelines to follow regarding each paragraph. Either way, there is weekly writing. The Weekly Assessment is always based on the week's lesson/reading. If it is not a written assignment than it will be a day spent working on a larger project or taking a test. It will always be on a Friday unless the schedule requires change (the key is "end of the week"). 


    Some weeks are different, but that is all dependent on the unit and how the week's schedule looks in terms of days off or altered schedules. This is why the Unit Calendar is crucial as it will show you exactly what you're missing, and everything is posted to Google Classroom. Constant communication via email or as soon as you return is vital for passing this class.