Writing Guides

  •  Here is a Writing Guide PowerPoint that goes over Intros, Thesis, Transitions, Topic Sentences, Hooks, Conclusions, and how to write a solid paragraph response. I am going to get everyone to master these skills by the end of the year. These are the guidelines for the quarter papers and these are the guidelines for all future writing assessments. These guidelines will help them with the essay portions of all tests and the written portions of all assignments. 

     With the above PowerPoint, I went over the "key to a successful paragraph" and explained that this is how body paragraphs in papers should look AND that this is how paragraphs for the in-class writings and any writing assignment that is a paragraph or more should follow. I explained that this would create longer paragraphs, higher grades on paragraphs, and higher scores on the essay portion of the AZMerit. Here is my Teacher Sample with the Guidelines: TeacherSampleParagraph

    Here is the handout they received with the final exam for how to write a full Paragraph Response. Paragraph Response Instructions & Example This is how I will be grading the response section of the final and how I will grade writing assginments next semester. 

Reading Guides

Paper Guides

  • For every paper we write, the first draft is to complete a Mind Map Outline to help brainstorm ideas so they can figure out exactly what they plan to write regarding whatever prompt they chose. Here is a sample of the front and back of a Mind Map (if you hand write it). There are computer apps that allow you to create one electronically, but without a computer, they look something like this: 

    Mind Map Outline Paragraph Outline

    Once the outline and any research is complete, it is all about writing the actual paper. All papers must be in MLA and all MLA guidelines are on Google Classroom. You can find a template showing an essay in MLA format, a PowerPoint going over details, and a document on tips. All of which I will show in class, but only refresh on, students are to use those sources to help them complete assignments.