Superintendent's Innovation Committee

  • Strategic Plan Innovation Committee

     Committee Purpose: The Innovation Committee will:

    1)  Analyze in Spring and Summer 2019 all group data received from the Campus committees.

    • Data from Campus committees consists of answers to the following questions:
      • How will our learning environment be structured to meet the needs of our students?
      • What does the perfect school look like?
      • How will we prepare our graduates to be ready for college and 21st Century careers?
      • What do you feel are non-negotiables for student learning and success?

    2)  Present findings to the Governing Board in October, 2019.

    Type of Committee:  Advisory to the Superintendent     

    Time Line:

    Meeting Dates: April 2, May 7, August 20, September 17, 2019 (4-5:30pm)

    Recommendation to Superintendent: September, 2019

    Superintendent Recommendation to Governing Board: November, 2019

    Implementation Timeline: December, 2019

    Implementation: January, 2020

    Composition of Innovation Committee:

    3 Principals
    7 Parents
    7 Teachers
    3 Support staff
    3 Community at large
    4 Cactus Shadows High School students
    1 DO Representative
    Superintendent (Leader/Facilitator)

    Committee Participants:
    District Office:  Nancy Pratt
    BMES Parent:  Rupal K.
    DSA Parent:  Cindy Z.
    DWES Parent:  Daniel R.
    HTES Parent:  Julie C. 
    LMES Parent(s):  Alison M. and Danielle T.
    STMS Parent:  Kari W.
    CSHS Parent:  Cristina L.
    BMES Principal:  Matt Owsley
    STMS Principal:  Bill Dolezal
    CSHS Principal:  James Swetter
    ECS Support Staff:  Elaine Adrian
    DSA Support Staff:  Dot Silva
    CSHS Support Staff:  Sara Haugen
    Community:  Cathy E.
    Community:  Patty V.
    Community:  Stephen S.
    Community:  Rick H.
    CSHS Student:  Jessica B.
    CSHS Student:  Madison D.
    CSHS Student:  Alison V.
    CSHS Student:  Madison O.
    BMES Teacher:  Susan Spigarelli
    CSHS Teacher:  David Savidge
    DSA Teacher:  Maureen Love
    LMES Teacher:  Katherine Herr
    STMS Teacher:  Lauren Skinner
    STMS Teacher:  Cindy Knuteson
    Sped Teacher:  Christine Miller
    Lead Psychologist:  Shannon Morse, Ph.D., NCSP

    *If interested in participating on this committee, please notify the Superintendent’s Office (480-575-2016)