Digital Learning

  • This is definitely a technology enhanced classroom! We use apps/websites like Quia, Kahoot, Memrise, QR Code Readers, PicCollage & Animoto with the serious possibility of using Nearpod.  Students will use their phones (when appropriate) and department tablets.   I send out reminders via, so be sure to sign up for the text reminders.  Students should feel free to use Google docs and forms.  Let's have a great  year.

    Create an account at and then follow the link below.  It's how you'll learn new vocab and earn gradebook points.

    Memrise link for Span 3:

    Memrise link for Intro to Span 1:

    Remind texts 1st through 4th hours info:   81010 @anonuevo

    Remind texts 6th hour only:    81010 @jmjmj


Google Apps for Education

  • While our school is a Google Apps for Education School my classroom is not what you'd call a Google Classroom.  However, students are encouraged to use their Google account, using Google Docs, Slides, E-mail etc., especially when making presentations and working with a group project.  The 2 links below are google classroom links where you can find documents, worksheets, vocab, etc for your class.  THIS IS A WORK IN PROGRESS -- IF YOU'RE LOOKING FOR A FILE - GO TO THE FILES link.

    Spanish 3-4 - files in Google Classroom    -   code for Span 3 is     5cye5zj

     files for span 3