Human Growth and Development: 4th - 9th Grade

Review of Present Program

Philosophy Statement

  • The purpose of the Human Growth and Development curriculum is to present accurate, understandable information to help build positive attitudes towards growing up and to aid students in the transition to young adulthood.  The curriculum encompasses more than anatomy and physiology. It also encourages students to understand who they are as unique individuals. The purpose of these lessons is not to take the place of what is taught at home, but rather to supplement that which is taught at home.  The curriculum emphasizes, at every level, that abstinence from sexual intercourse is the only method for avoiding pregnancy that is 100% effective.

    NOTE:  The Human Growth and Development curriculum is an opt-in program. 
    Students must turn in a permission slip signed by a parent/guardian to participate in the curriculum. Students without a signed permission slip, or students whose parents/guardians opt-out of the program, will receive assignments that support the current core curriculum or character education.