• DWES Needs Help Onboarding International Staff from Spain for the 2018-19 School Year!

    CCUSD has a long-standing partnership with the Embassy of Spain and its International Visiting Teacher Program. We are excited to offer this opportunities:

    1. DWES has been awarded a Spanish Language & Culture Assistant for the Spanish Immersion classes. This recently graduated person will have a degree related to education but will be spending a year at DWES to help determine if teaching is a career path for them. They are also interested in learning about American Culture and practicing their English. The Embassy of Spain will pay them a living stipend but we will need to provide housing, meals and local transportation. We will consider rotating this assistant through 3-4 host families so please indicate which timeframe would be best.

    Please fill out the appropriate google form below to be considered:

    Host Family Application: International Spanish Language and Culture Assistant at DWES (from Spain)