• Welcome to Your Page for Mr. Hazeltine's English / Writing Lab!

    Everything you need to know about what's going on in my class and with your child can be found on this page.*

    *Special Note: I am also running Google Classroom for my classes.  Below, you will find the "Join" codes, if you would like to join.  Please keep in mind two things:

    First... since it's quite possible that I will use short stories that are copyright protected, I will not post those assingment on this web page.  They will be in Classroom, where they remain private and publically accessable. 

    Second... while you are more than welcome to join my Google Classroom, it is intended for my students, and I will communicate through Classroom with only them in mind.

    Google Classroom "Join" codes:


    Third...here is the Homework Expectation in my class: As a rule, I DO NOT assign homework.  Rather, I attempt to dedicate enough time in class for students to accomplish the assignment.  So, if your child has homework, the reality is they did not use the time in class to its full potential.

    Lastly, there are three links that will not be on this page: the Calendar, The Dates of Things Due, and My Grading Philosophy.  Those will remain on my homepage for everyone to see.

    Below you will find all the assessment rubrics that I use in class.  While I will attempt to have them all present, please allow for occasional changes and last-minute additions.

    Rubric of All Kinds:

    The Rubric of Quality

    Voice (Evaluation Score)

    The Groovy Rubric

    The SEXY Paragraph Rubric

    The Precis Summary Rubric

    Quality of Information

    All notes, assignments, and activities can be seen "live" on my Google Classroom.  However, below you will find a list of what we've done, so far.

    What We've Done, So Far:

    Introduction to the class.

    Introduction to Fake Writing Day!


    Introduction to Groovy Sentence Writing

    The Groovy Sentence Test (Sample)