Project Objectives:


    1. Create a comprehensive annotated bibliography (two paragraphs for each article provided.)
    2. Analyze the data or arguments presented and take an educated stand on your chosen issue (whether you are pro/agree, or con/disagree) and support why you believe that your stance is correct, using the information you have researched.
    3. Create a concise report that is no longer than 5 double-spaced pages (not including the Works Cited page).


    Project Requirements:


    The Annotated Bibliography (50 points), Due Thursday, May 2nd (5/2)

    1. Pick one of the issues listed to the right. 
    2. Read each article provided for the issue you picked. (By selecting "View All")
    3. Generate a two paragraph long bibliographical annotation for each article. (Follow the link above for tips and examples on how to write a proper annotated bibliography, if you're rusty.)

      The Final Report (50 points), Due Friday, May 10th (5/10)

    4. Investigate the information provided to determine the factors that led to this issue and include your findings in the report.
    5. Compare and contrast the reasons/solutions and determine what information the sources have to support each side, and how the sides of the issue differ. You will need a minimum of TWO sources for each side of the issue.

    6. Start with an introduction and end your paper with a conclusion/solution of the issue.
    7. This report must be a typed report no longer than 5 pages [not including works cited done in MLA format.] 
    8. Do not plagiarize!!!!!  Most points are lost here.  All sources (minimum of two per side of the issue) must be cited properly.


    Assessment Rubric:  (A copy will also be handed out in class)


      • 50 points for an Annotated Bibliography that is formatted correctly, and effectively summarizes/evaluates the content of the articles.
      • 50 points for a Final Report that follows the expected requirements, demonstrates an informed knowledge of the issue, and provides adequate background and support information (including why the issues addressed are relevant and the consequences of the issues.)
      • Points will be deducted if cited sorces are not used properly as evidence to support the writer's claims.
      • Points will be deducted for any sentence structure problems or grammar errors.  [PROOFREAD YOUR PAPER, and then have someone else proofread it!]  
      • Points off for not citing each source with correct in-text citations. Incorrect citations will be considered plagiarizing (see below.)
      •  Papers will recieve a “0” if they are plagiarized.

North American Free Trade Agreement

Trade with China