Personalized Learning: Online Platforms

  • CCUSD's shift to Personalized Learning (PL) promotes meeting students at their current level of understanding of a topic versus a "one-size-fits-all" approach to teaching and learning.  Several platforms help our students either remediate learning to move toward grade-level standards or allow our students to move beyond grade-level standards already mastered, but currently delineated by the state as grade-level appropriate.

    • Dreambox - Math (K-3)
    • Imagine Math (K-4)
    • Imagine Math Facts (K-6)
    • Smarty Ants - English Language Arts  (K-2)
    • Achieve 3000 - English Language Arts (3-8)

    These platforms will supplement our Governing Board approved math and English Language Arts materials, which include:

    • Into Reading (K-5)
    • Fundations - English Language Arts (K-2)
    • Holt Literature (6-12)
    • Beyond Textbooks and Supplemental Resources - Math (K-5)
    • Big Ideas Math (6-8, Algebra 1/2, Geometry, Algebra 3/4)
    • Discovery Education Science (K-8)
    • Discovery Education Social Science and History (6-8)

    For more information about Personalized Learning, please visit our Personalized Learning site and the Teaching and Learning PL page.  The CCUSD PL "why" statement explains the reasoning behind our focus: Every learner is unique and deserves the power to shape a personalized path toward success.