• Digital Learning for Cactus Shadows History Students will be on the Google Classroom platform!

     I will post all lesson plans, powerpoints, quizzes and homework on my Google Classroom platform. Each student has a Google account. Your Chromebooks in my class have google applications on them so you will be using Google as well.





  • Welcome to Mrs. Frazey's Google Apps for History!

    Cactus Shadows High School is a Google Apps for Education School.  In my classroom, I will be using the District Google accounts to colloborate, write, revise and publish writing and presentations.  I will also post all my lesson plans, powerpoints and homework assignments daily on Google Classroom.  Each student has a  Google account, each student has access to the following Google Applications:


    • Google Classroom
    • Google Calendar
    • Google Docs
    • Google Forms
    • Google Slides
    • Google Spreadsheets
    • Google Drawing
    • Google Email