Math Resource Adoption

  • The CCUSD Math Standards and Resource Mapping is a district-wide effort aimed to increase student engagement and achievement in math for grades K-5. 

    The maps for all grades can be found HERE.  (Note:  CCUSD employees must be logged into the CCUSD Google system to access the site.)


    Math Resource Adoption Team

    Principals: Aaron Bagwell-DSA, Patty Jensen-LMES, Matt Owsley-BMES, Aaron Pettinato-HTES, Staci Wiese-DWES
    Kindergarten: Jordyn Blonder-LMES, Kristine Paul-DSA
    First Grade: Kristi Frederiksen-HTES, Jana Groh-HTES
    Second Grade: Christine Huguley-DSA, Natalie May-LMES
    Third Grade: Jessica Cresswell-HTES, Susan Spigarelli-BMES
    Fourth Grade: Rita Antoni-DSA, Lisa Fisnot-DSA, Wei Liffick-HTES, Antonella Nechtman-BMES, Raquel Torregrosa-DWES
    Fifth Grade: Kristine Ketchen-DWES, Megan Linch-DSA, Colleen Neiman-LMES
    District Office:  Toya Abrams, Jana Miller