• As you participate in classroom activities, you may notice that instruction is delivered in many ways.  Teachers utilize multiple methods to address the learning styles of all students.  Instruction may be delivered in whole-group, small-group and/or individual sessions. 

    Children Learn By: 

    • Doing and sharing not just observing
    • Asking questions and searching for answers
    • Discovering, experimenting, and repeating experiences which builds confidence
    • Using all senses and learning modalities whenever possible

     Volunteers Can Help By: 

    • Having a relaxed, friendly and helpful attitude with students in order to create a positive atmosphere for learning - SMILE
    • Learning the names of students and using them often
    • Listening carefully the directions of the teachers and staff
    • Listening carefully to the students when interacting
    • Recognizing and accepting students as individuals with different needs
    • Being patient.
    • Referring behavior concerns to the teacher or administrator when necessary.
    • Recognize the efforts of students with positive praise 

    Child Protection Responsibility:

    Volunteers are not considered “mandated reporters” under Arizona law, but volunteers should be aware of child abuse reporting requirements for school employees.

    School personnel must report:

    • Cases of suspected infliction of physical or mental suffering on minor,
    • Cases of suspected physical injuries to minors by other than accidental means
    • Cases of suspected sexual molestation. 

    School personnel are defined as teacher, administrative officer, supervisor of child welfare and attendance, or certificated pupil personnel employee of any public school. All school personnel are mandated reporters for suspected child abuse. If you become aware of suspected child maltreatment, report your observations to your supervising teacher or site administrator