• SIGN IN/SIGN OUT: All volunteers are required to sign in and sign out in the school office when volunteering.  This allows for proper accounting in the event of an emergency and provides an extra measure of security and safety. 

    IDENTIFICATION: In an effort to ensure safety and security, all volunteers need to wear a visitor tag at all times while on school property.  Adults not wearing proper identification should be directed to the school office. 

    CONFIDENTIALITY: Volunteers must protect the teachers’ and students’ right to privacy.  Volunteers may not disclose school information or personal matters which you may have overheard.  Student concerns are to be discussed only with the teacher or staff member with whom the volunteer is working with or the school principal. Any violations of confidentiality may result in revocation of volunteer privileges. 

    PROFESSIONALISM: Although participation is voluntary, volunteers should act in a professional manner at all times including proper dress and interaction while on campus.  Besides being responsible for maintaining an attitude of mutual respect and support for staff and students, the volunteer should become familiar with school and classroom policies and practices.  Volunteering requires flexibility and a willingness to take and follow directions.
       Parents acting as chaperones for a field trip may not bring other children on the trip.  A chaperones responsibility is to help monitor and supervise students assigned to them.  Only students enrolled at school and in that particular class are allowed on field trips.

    DEPENDABILITY AND PUNCTUALITY: Volunteers provide valuable support for the students and staff both inside and outside the classroom.  When committing to a volunteer opportunity, volunteers should be sure to arrive on time and depart on time.  Instructional minutes should not be impacted by volunteers.  If a volunteer is unable to fulfill a commitment, contact with the school/teacher should be made as soon as possible.  Volunteers are expected to make alternate plans for the care of siblings. 

    UNIVERSAL HEALTH PRECAUTIONS: All body fluids (vomit, blood etc.) are to be treated as if they are infected with a blood-borne disease.  Volunteers should obtain direction from school staff on locating and utilizing personal protective equipment.  Proper handwashing and hand-sanitizing techniques are the most important things that can be done to avoid sickness. 

    Please be aware that volunteers not following the responsibilities as outlined above may be asked to leave campus and/or restricted from volunteer opportunities.