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    Toys and Tools to Help with Visual Tracking Problems

    Here are a few ideas you will find at the above link:

    Looking for more tools to improve visual tracking?, The use of these tools are great for improving visual tracking and visual scanning in fun ways.  

    These toys, games, and ideas may be a great gift idea for little ones who have visual perceptual difficulties or problems with visual tracking and handwriting, body awareness in space, letter reversals, detail awareness, or maintaining place while reading. 

    Save these ideas for grandparents and friends who might ask for gift ideas for birthdays and holidays.  These are some powerhouse visual tracking ideas!

    Use Pattern Blocks and Boards to work on visual fixation of shapes and sizes of shapes. 

    This Wooden Tangram Puzzle has many different shapes and forms that can be copied from instructions. Copying from a diagram is a great way to practice visual tracking.

    For younger kids, this Cylinder Toy Blocks encourages tracking for color sorting.  Try some of our pom pom activities that we discussed above!

    Color by Dots coloring books are a good way to practice tracking of colors and matching the keys. 

    Older kids can complete color/paint by number art like this Color By Number Poster Setfor scanning for colored pencils and numbers in a complex page. 

    Mazes are excellent for fostering and building on visual tracking skills. Particularly those that involve a moving ball such as a Marble Run or a labyrinth. This MindWare Q-Ba-Maze Big Box requires engineering and maze building that older kids will love while working on skills needed in handwriting. 

    Watching a ball or moving object that is thrown around a room (like a balloon) is a great way to work on tracking in a big area. These Sportime Sensory Balls SloMo Balls are lightweight and move more slowly than a typical ball, allowing kids to visually track the bright color. These are very cool for games of toss and rolling in all planes. 

    A flashlight can be used in so many visual tracking activities. Shine the light on words or letters taped to walls. Play "I Spy" in a dark room, shine shapes like this flashlight can for visual tracking and form tracking.