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  • Blog Post #3: Inside Outside Circle

    Posted by Christine Huguley on 3/5/2018

    Inside Outside Circle can be a great tool for students to practice story sequencing or story retelling.

    Once I have my As and Bs form their circles, the students use First, Next, Then, Last to retell and sequence a story.  Students greet their partner, then the A starts with First...the B gives a positive comment, then shares his or her First...statement. “First, the wolf goes to the house made of straw.” I have the Bs rotate one place in the circle, to get a new partner.  We start the process over again, with “Next…” We continue rotating to complete our Then and Last statements.

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  • Blog Post #2: Rule Review with All Write Round Robin

    Posted by Christine Huguley, NBCT on 1/14/2018

    There are times during the year that we notice our students need some friendly reminders on our class expectations and rules.  This goes for school and playground rules and expectations as well.  

    Using an All Write Round Robin is a great way to have our students review those rules. After some think time, each student can state a school/class rule.  I like to give my kids small dry erase boards to use for this structure, and every kid draws a 4 block grid on their board.  This helps them organize the space to write their peer’s responses.  Most of my kids like to number their grid #1-4, to help them remember which student said each response (this is helpful when I call #s to stand and share when we finish).  As they go around their 4-person table, they write each student’s answer in the corresponding square.  

    Four squares number 1 thorugh 4, with a rule in each square.

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  • Blog Post #1: Welcome Back with Stand Up Hand Up Pair Up

    Posted by Christine Huguley, NBCT on 1/7/2018

    As much as we enjoy spending time with our families and friends over our Winter Break, we can’t wait to see those smiling faces ready to greet us when we come back!  And our students can’t wait to fill us in on everything that has happened in the time they’ve been away from school.  

    I always like to have them write all about their Winter Break adventures on our first day back, or during the first week.  This can be tied to a 1-Minute Write if that’s easiest.  I like to give my kids a journal prompt each morning, so this one would be simple: “What did you do over the break?”

    After they’ve finished their writing, you can do a quick Stand Up, Hand Up, Pair Up to have students share what they wrote.  If you repeat this multiple times, they get the chance to tell lots of friends all about their break!  

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