• Unit 1 Curious About Kindergarten-

     non-decodable- the, I, see

    partially decodable-



    Unit 2 There's Only One Me!-

    non-decodable-by, go, is, my, you

    partially decodable- and, no, to

    decodable- am, at, can, man


    Unit 3 My Community Heros- non-decodable he, she

    non-decodable- he, she

    partially decodable- has, me, put, with

    decodable-  an, did, in, it, ran, sits


    Unit 4 Happy Healthy Me-

    non-decodable- are, here, of, very, was

    partially decodable- be, do, good, his, ten

    decodable- big, got, had, lot, not, on


    Unit 5 I Can Do It!-

    partially decodable-for, have, help, her, look, some, they, too, want, me

    decodable-but, him, six, up, us, yes


    Unit 6 Home of the Free and the Brave-

    non-decodable-our, where

    partially decodable-as, come, from, or, said, that, when 

    decodable- cut, get, hot, if, must, red, stop


    Unit 7 Zoom In!-

    non-decodable- who

    partially decodable-could, down, now, so, were, what, your

    decodable- let, off, tell, then, this, well, wish


    Unit 8 From Plant to Plate-

    partially decodable- all, into, know, many, out, right, why, would

    decodable- home, keep, like, made, make, same, take, time


    Unit 9 Animal Habitats-

    partially decodable-  about, again, because, how, one, play

    decodable- ate, came, gave, just, pick, them