Teaching & Learning Team

Associate Superintendent for Teaching & Learning

  • Dr. Jana R. Miller
    Associate Superintendent for Teaching & Learning

    Mrs. Lori Lundberg
    Administrative Assistant to Dr. Jana R. Miller

    Mrs. Tina Hasher
    Administrative Assistant to the Directors480-575-2042

Academic Services & Assessment

  • Mr. Thomas Espy
    Director of Academic Services & Assessment

    • State Accountability
    • Federal Accountability
    • AzMERIT Test Coordinator
    • AIMS Test Coordinator
    • AZELLA Test Coordinator
    • Gifted Test Coordinator
    • Evidence and Data for Professional Development and Support
    • Program Evaluation
    • CCUSD Benchmarks and Common Assessments Coordinator
    • Early Entrance Test Coordinator
    • 504 Coordinator
    • Parent & Student Surveys
    • District Testing Calendar

Education & Community Services

  • Mrs. Gina Durbin
    Director of Education & Community Services

    Mrs. Teresa King
    Adiminstrative Assistant to Director of ECS

    • Prevention and Intervention Services
    • Counseling Services
    • School Safety
    • Homeless Liaison
    • CCUSD Crisis Team
    • Parent Education
    • District Nurse Contact
    • Liaison to District and Community Groups
    • CCUSD Preschools
    • Before and after school care
    • Enrichment Classes

Special Education Services

    Mrs. Carrie Igondjo
    Director of Special Education

    Mrs. Pam Arteca
    Administrative Assistant to Director of Special Education

    • Special Education Operations
    • Positive Learning Centers (PLC)
    • Medicare in Public Schools (MIPS)/Medicaid Administrative Claiming (MAC)
    • Special Education Operations Programming and Program Development
    • Professional Development
    • Assistive technology
    • Special Education Related Services & Programs

Instructional Technology

  • Nancy Pratt
    Mrs. Nancy Pratt
    Director of Instructional Technology 

    • Professional Learning for Instructional Technology and Innovative Practice
    • National Board Certification Coordinator
    • Technology Cadre Coordinator
    • District Web Master
    • School Webpage Support
    • My Access Writing Program Coordinator
    • Technology Integration Support
    • New Teacher Induction Support
    • STEM and STEAM Support
    • Kagan Cooperative Learning Support
    • Blended Learning Support
    • Moodle Learning Management Training and Support
    • Digital Learning Day Organizer
    • Coding/Programming Support

World Languages & Immersion

  • Mrs. Cristina Ladas
    Mrs. Cristina Ladas
    World Language Coordinator

    • Guest Teacher Liason/Mentor
    • World Language Programs Curricula
    • World Language Proficiency Testing
    • Monitors World Language projects [Confucius Classrooms & other grants]
    • Professional Development for World Language Teachers & Specialists
    • Sister School Visits [from other countries]
    • Advocates for World Language programs [local, state and national levels]
    • Articulates all World Language program models [PK, K6, Spanish/Chinese/French Immersion, K5 FLEX, M.S. Core & HS. Elective WL]