Reading Success

  • CCUSD's five elementary schools are Target-Assisted sites that offer intensive pull-out intervention for reading.  All elementary schools have Reading Specialists to assist students with the foundations of reading.  STMS and CSHS offer interventions, as needed.  All of our instructors work diligently to ensure students can read at their grade level or beyond. 

    CCUSD is committed to the goal of providing quality education for every student.  To this end, we work to establish parental and community partnerships. Neither home nor school can do the job alone.  Parents play an extremely important role as children's first teachers.  Parental support for children and for the school is critical to student success.  Our goal is a Home-School Partnership that will help all students in CCUSD succeed.

Parent's Right to Know

CCUSD Parental Involvement Policy

Reading Specialists - District and Title 1