Weekly Newsletter

  • February 26, 2021

    Star of the week: Next week our stars of the week are Haylie and Brayden!  


    Special Pirates Night with Dad, Grandpa or another family member. 

    In the past we do a Mother’s day event in May and a Father’s Day in the Spring, since we aren’t together in June.  This year we would like to continue that Tradition the first week in March.  This will be a virtual event.  Tecolotes will be on March 4th at 5pm and Mariposas will be March 5th at 5pm.  I will send a zoom link . And yes you all can dress like pirates or princesses.     

    Please send in an 8X10 Frame with your child’s name on the back for a special surprise. Details on last page :) .


    Parent teacher conferences will occur the week of March 15-19

    You will be meeting with your non-homeroom teacher this time.  So Tecolotes will meet with Ms. Jeffer and Mariposas will be meeting with Srta Pacheco. 

    Tecolotes Parent Teacher Conference Sign-up:


    Mariposas Parent Teacher Conference Sign-up: https://www.signupgenius.com/go/70A0F4EACA82BA3FA7-mariposas

    Language Arts

    Story - I know the River Loves me

    Blends - New: sh, ch

     Review: ss, ff, ll, zz, ck,  st, sp, sl, sn,  cl, fl, st, nd and final sounds   

    Sight Words- New: very   

    Reviewed: I, can, the, a, like, see, to, my, am, at, go, is, and, you, it, he, she, of, me, little, are. do, by, look, for, be, no, yes, we, here, from, us, his, stop 


    Computers: Smarty Ants

    Reading: Various

    Art; Special gift :) 

    Writing; Special Gift :)


    Counting to 110 in Spanish 

    Morning Math Journals - Focus on finding writing teen numbers the right way and knowing to identify them, listening/identifying the 10’s and 1’s combined, neat penmanship and writing symbols. 

    Subtraction Sentences: restar, menos, es igual a, quitar

    Ordinal numbers: primero, segundo, tercero, cuarto, quinto

    Rapid problem solving and describing between shapes

    79% of students know how to count to 100 in Spanish by 1’s, 10’s, and from any given number. 

    Please continue to practice. Students had difficulty with automaticity this week. Thank you!


    Focus on second quarter vocab: Adaptación, Limpiar, Fresco, Tierra, Otoño, Granja, Forma/Figura, Hielo, Lago, Relámpago, Projecto, Lluvia/Lluvioso



    Vocabulary: Focus on knowing ABCs or the represented words for the letter. Students rely on visual support.



    ELA -Weekly  readers and   Last weeks writing packet

    *Spanish Homework: 

    1. Flashcards for teen numbers: as often as you can. Students are inverting numbers or confusing them with their 10’s

    Classroom Needs;

    Small Playdoughs


    Parent Volunteers after school to make tiles for Kinder playground. 

    Specials Rotation Change:

    Pacheco  M- PE T - Art W- Music R-PE F- Art

    Jeffer M- Music T- PE W- Art R-Music F-PE

    Important Dates:

    March 4th at 5pm Tecolotes Pirate Dad’s Night

    March 5th at 5pm Mariposas Pirate Dad’s Night

    Week of March 15-19 Parent teacher Conferences

    March 22-26 Spring Break 

    Susan Jeffer Orlinda Pacheco

    sjeffer@ccusd93.net opacheco@ccusd93.net

    Star of the Week Tecolotes                


    8th-12th :  Quinn

    15th-19th: Sydney


    5th-9th : Logan

    Star of the week Mariposas


    8th-12th : Blakely

    15th-19th Grant


    5th-9th : Nora