College Planning for Seniors

  • Timetable And Checklist For Seniors

    August - September

    • Register to take the SAT or ACT, if you have not done so already, or retake the exam to improve your score.
    • Visit with college representatives at CSHS throughout the school year.  See visitation schedule and sign up on Naviance. 
    • Begin applying to In-state and Out-of state colleges.  Most applications will be online by now.
    • Begin requesting letters of recommendation if needed.
    • Plan to attend a financial aid night in September.

    September - October

    Senior Splash Presentation

    • Inquire at your counseling office about upcoming college visits and College Fairs.  Check out the Naviance website  
    • Utilize Naviance and the Internet for scholarship searches or check out the public library.
    • If you have not done so already, finalize your list of colleges for which you would like to apply.  Check admission requirements and application deadlines.
    • Begin filling out your college applications and finalizing your college essays.
    • Common Application is useful for applying to multiple out-of-state colleges.  For in-state, it is best to use the college specific online application.
    • Make arrangements for your transcripts to be sent through Naviance.
    • Request any recommendations that are required, use the forms provided in Naviance. IF YOU NEED A LETTER OF RECOMMENDATION, BE CERTAIN TO GIVE AMPLE TIME (at least one month) FOR THE ADULT REQUESTED TO PREPARE AN APPROPRIATE LETTER. 
    • Attend college fairs.
    • Access FAFSA (financial aid form) at  For PIN information visit  The FAFSA will tell you what you qualify for in guaranteed student loans and grants from the federal government. 
    • Submit the FAFSA form as soon as possible (Check school websites for deadlines).  Money is available on a first come first served basis.
    • NOTE: FAFSA opens online for submission October 1st.

    November - December

    • Continue to apply to colleges.  Send in all college applications and housing forms by winter recess. 
    • Continue to listen and look for scholarships that are available in the counseling office through Naviance, Internet, and library. 
    • Meet with college and military recruiters at CSHS.


    • Once college applications are submitted, check with the admissions office to be sure all materials have been received.

    January - February

    • Send mid-year reports to colleges. 
    • Begin looking for local scholarship opportunities through the counseling office and Naviance website.

    January - April

    • Continue to listen and look for scholarships that are available in the counseling office, on Naviance, on the internet and in the library.  Pay close attention to deadlines for applications and other required forms.

    Early April

    • All colleges will notify you by this time of your acceptance status. The more competitive colleges deliberate longer. Keep your counselor informed about your college plans and scholarships received.

    Mid April

    • If you are unhappy with the financial aid package at any of the colleges where you have been accepted, call that office and discuss it.


    • Remember, you must still complete your senior year.  Your grades for this last semester become part of your final record sent to colleges.
    • Take AP Exams and IB Exams if enrolled in these classes. Take CLEP tests if desired.
    • Notify your counselor of your college choice. 

    May - July

    • Apply for summer jobs so that you can meet summer earnings expectations.
    • Request your final transcript through Naviance.