• Tuesday, March 31: Read 926-929, Nixon ppt. 

    Monday, March 30: Vietnam in HD-Changing War


    Friday, March 20: Talent Show...ENJOY SPRING BREAK!

    Thursday, March 19: GEOGRAPHY QUIZ

    Wednesday, March 18: Vietnam in HD-Endless War

    Tuesday, March 17: Vietnam in HD-Tet Offensive

    Monday, March 16: Music Day

    Friday, March 13: Protests ppt, Chicago Play

    Thursday, March 12: Read 920-925, Write down Geography Quiz Questions, 29.3 video clip

    Wednesday, March 11: Vietnam in HD-Search and Destroy

    Tuesday, March 10: Work on Primary Source Packet

    Monday, March 9: Battle Tactics ppt, Primary Source Packet

    Friday, March 6: HAND IN VIETNAM MAP, Vietnam in HD-The Beginning

    Thursday, March 5: 29.2 ppt (American Military Involvement), Animated History, Vietnam Map

    Wednesday, March 4: Finish ppt, Read 914-919, video clip on 29.2

    Tuesday, March 3: Read 908-913, start intro ppt. 

    Monday, March 2: Work Day for the 1960s Projects

    Friday, February 28: 1960s Projects

    Thursday, February 27: Civil Rights Test

    Wednesday, February 26: Review

    Tuesday, February 25: An Outrage

    Monday, February 24: Legacy of Lynchings, finish notes from Friday. 

    Friday, February 21: ASU guest speaker, Power Movement notes

    Thursday, February 20: Read 894-900, 

    Wednesday, February 19: Malcolm X and Mountain Top Speech, Reread 890-891, slides 139-174, 28.3 video clip, Mtn. top speech

    Tuesday, February 18: NO SCHOOL

    Monday, February 17: NO SCHOOL

    Friday, February 14: Voting Rights, Geography Quiz, Read 888-893, Slides 123-138, Selma clip

    Thursday, February 13: March on Washington, Read 887-888 and 901, Slides 116-122, I Have a Dream speech

    Wednesday, February 12: Birmingham, Read 886-887, Slides 84-115, Animated History, Birmingham Songs worksheet-HOMEWORK

    Tuesday, February 11: Freedom Rides, Read 884-886, Slides 68-83, Sit-in Play, Freedom Ride Play

    Monday, February 10: Sit-ins, Geography Quiz Questions, Finish movie (if needed), Where the LRN are today, Read 882-883, slides 61-67, 28.2 video clip

    Friday, February 7: The Ernest Green Story

    Thursday, February 6: The Ernest Green Story

    Wednesday, February 5: Emmett Till and Little Rock Nine, Read 880-882, slides 33-60, Little Rock Nine Play, Elizabeth Eckford worksheet-HOMEWORK

    Tuesday, February 4: Brown vs. the Board of Ed and Montgomery Bus Boycott, Read 876-879, Slides 12-32, Animated History

    Monday, February 3: A Time for Justice video

    Friday, January 31: Jim Crow: 28.1 Reading, Slides 1-11, 28.1 video

    Thursday, January 30: COLD WAR TEST

    Wednesday, January 29: Review, Half Day

    Tuesday, January 28: Review ppt., Quizizz

    Monday, January 27: Space Race Experiments

    Friday, January 24: Geo Quiz, Space Race, 1960s ppt, Moon Play, American Pie Song

    Thursday, January 23: High School Counselors

    Wednesday, January 22: Read pg. 912, Berlin Wall Notes, RFK worksheet and Cuban Missile Crisis Packet-HOMEWORK

    Tuesday, January 21: America: The Story of Us, JFK Packet-HOMEWORK

    Monday, January 20: NO SCHOOL

    Friday, January 17: Geo Quiz Questions, Life in the 1950s ppt, DVD montage

    Thursday, January 16: Read 27.3, Interstates Discussion

    Wednesday, January 15: Rosenberg Play, 60 Minutes Clip

    Tuesday, January 14: Duck and Cover video, Fallout Shelter videos, Civil Defense worksheet-HOMEWORK

    Monday, January 13: Notes on Korea and McCarthyism, Read the rest of 27.2, video clip, Margaret Chase Smith Reading-HOMEWORK

    Friday, January 10: Read part of 27.2, Korea Play, Korea Map-HOMEWORK

    Thursday, January 9: Butter Battle Book, Berlin Airlift Play, Cold War Map-HOMEWORK

    Wednesday, January 8: Read 27.1, video clip, Arms Race Reading-HOMEWORK

    Tuesday, January 7: Finish Cold War Notes

    Monday, January 6: BQ Quiz, WWII Casualties video, Cold War Notes


    Friday, December 20: Finals: Blocks 5 and 6

    Thursday, December 19: Finals: Blocks 3 and 4

    Wednesday, December 18: Finals: Blocks 1 and 2

    Tuesday, December 17: GEOGRAPHY BEE!! Rounds 5-7

    Monday, December 16: GEOGRAPHY BEE!! Rounds 1-4

    Friday, December 13: World War II Test

    Thursday, December 12: Deal or No Deal Review, Work on Semester Review

    Wednesday, December 11: Talking Maps Review, 60 Minutes-Nuremberg Prosecutor

    Tuesday, December 10: World War II in HD: End Game

    Monday, December 9: The End of the War ppt, Yalta and Potsdam Reading, Israel-Palestinian Conflict video

    Friday, December 6: America: The Story of Us

    Thursday, December 5: WWII Battle Graphic Organizer-DUE TOMORROW

    Wednesday, December 4: World War II in HD: Edge of the Abyss

    Tuesday, December 3: Atomic Bombs ppts, video clips

    Monday, December 2: World War II in HD: Glory and Guts