• Everyday, students will write their Bell Questions in to their Bell Questions notebook. If a student should be absent, it is their responsibility to make up their bell work. Students will be quizzed on their Bell Questions periodically throughout the school year. Here are the current Bell Questions!

    January 21: 1. Who was the King of Rock n Roll? 2. Who was Betty Friedan?

    January 20: NO SCHOOL

    January 17: 1. What was the Highway Act of 1956? 2. What is a suburb?

    January 16: 1. Who were the Rosenbergs? 2. What is espionage?

    January 15: 1. What should you do if a nuke is coming your way? 2. What is fallout?

    January 14: 1. Who was Senator McCarthy? 2. What was the Red Scare?

    January 13: 1. How did the Korean Conflict start? 2. Who did Truman fire during the Korean Conflict?

    January 10: 1. What was the Berlin Blockade? 2. What was the Berlin Airlift?

    January 9: 1. What was the Fair Deal? 2. What was Levittown?

    January 8: 1. What is NATO? 2. How many zones was Berlin divided?

    January 7: 1. How many Soviets died in WWII? 2. What was 1 definition of the Cold War?

    January 6: No BQs


    December 16-20: No BQs

    December 13: No BQs

    December 12: 1. Who was Richard Tregaskis? 2. Who was Jack Yusen?

    December 11: 1. Who was June Wandrey? 2. Who was Jack Werner?

    December 10: 1. Name 2 items discussed at Potsdam. 2. What was the Marshall Plan?

    December 9: 1. Who led the Manhattan Project? 2. What is the UN?

    December 6: 1. What happened at Potsdam? 2. When was V-E Day?

    December 5: 1. When was Nagasaki bombed? 2. Do you think the bombs should have been dropped? Why?

    December 4: 1. What happened August 6, 1945? 2. Name 3 reasons why Truman justified dropping the bombs. 

    December 3: 1. What was Hitler's final assault? 2. What was the Yalta Conference?

    December 2: 1. Which group of people did the US use as Code Talkers? Who were the Tuskegee Airmen?