• Everyday, students will write their Bell Questions in to their Bell Questions notebook. If a student should be absent, it is their responsibility to make up their bell work. Students will be quizzed on their Bell Questions periodically throughout the school year. Here are the current Bell Questions!

    March 13: 1. What were the 2 sides of Americans nicknamed? 2. What is Vietnamization?

    March 12: 1. Who is Barry Romo? 2. Who is Anne Purcell?

    March 11: 1. What is napalm? 2. What were 2 negative effects of agent orange?

    March 10: 1. What was the fighting style that the VC and NVA used? 2. Name 3 ways the Americans fought in Vietnam.

    March 9: 1. Who was the leader of South Vietnam? 2. When did France leave Vietnam?

    March 6: 1. What was the Ho Chi Minh Trail? 2. During what holiday was the Tet Offensive?

    March 5: 1. What did the Gulf of Tonkin Resolution do? 2. Who was William Westmoreland?

    March 4: 1. What were the Geneva Accords? 2. Who was Ho Chi Minh?

    March 3: 1. In what area of the world is Vietnam located? 2. What is the capital of Vietnam?

    March 2: No BQs

    February 28: No BQs

    February 27: No BQs

    February 26: No BQs

    February 25: 1. Who was Gloria Steinem? 2. What book did Rachel Carson write?

    February 24: 1.  Who is Dolores Huerta? 2. Who was Betty Friedan?

    February 21: 1. Who was Cesar Chavez? 2. What is NOW?

    February 20: 1. What is the Great Society? 2. What is SNCC?

    February 19: 1. What is the 24th amendment? 2. What did the Voting Rights Act of 1965 do?

    February 18: NO SCHOOL

    February 17: NO SCHOOL 

    February 14: 1. What did the Civil Rights Act of 1964 do? 2. When was the March on Washington?

    February 13: 1. Who was Medgar Evers? 2. Who was Bull Connor?

    February 12: 1. Who was James Meredith? 2. What happened during the Children's Crusade?

    February 11: 1. What is a sit-in? 2. Name 1 change with the Civil Rights Movement in the 1960s. 

    February 10: 1. Who was Ernest Green? 2. Who was Orval Faubas?

    February 7: No BQs

    February 6: No BQs

    February 5: 1. What was the impact of the Montgomery Bus Boycott? 2. What is civil disobedience?

    February 4: 1. What is the 15th Amendment? 2. What overturned Plessy v. Ferguson?

    February 3: 1. What were Jim Crow Laws? 2. What is the 14th Amendment?

    January 31: 1. What is the 13th Amendment? 2. What was the Reconstruction time period?

    January 30: No BQs

    January 29: No BQs

    January 28: No BQs

    January 27: 1. What did JFK promise by the end of the 1960s? 2. What was Sputnik?

    January 24: 1. What was the Bay of Pigs? 2. What was the outcome of the Cuban Missile Crisis?

    January 23: No BQs

    January 22: 1. Which direction are you going if you are on an odd numbered interstate? 2. Name 2 hit TV shows from the 1950s. 

    January 21: 1. Who was the King of Rock n Roll? 2. Who was Betty Friedan?

    January 20: NO SCHOOL

    January 17: 1. What was the Highway Act of 1956? 2. What is a suburb?

    January 16: 1. Who were the Rosenbergs? 2. What is espionage?

    January 15: 1. What should you do if a nuke is coming your way? 2. What is fallout?

    January 14: 1. Who was Senator McCarthy? 2. What was the Red Scare?

    January 13: 1. How did the Korean Conflict start? 2. Who did Truman fire during the Korean Conflict?

    January 10: 1. What was the Berlin Blockade? 2. What was the Berlin Airlift?

    January 9: 1. What was the Fair Deal? 2. What was Levittown?

    January 8: 1. What is NATO? 2. How many zones was Berlin divided?

    January 7: 1. How many Soviets died in WWII? 2. What was 1 definition of the Cold War?

    January 6: No BQs