• Everyday, students will write their Bell Questions in to their Bell Questions notebook. If a student should be absent, it is their responsibility to make up their bell work. Students will be quizzed on their Bell Questions periodically throughout the school year. Here are the current Bell Questions!

    September 17: 1. Which branch of government is the strongest? 2. What is the difference between the Senate and the House of Representatvies?

    September 16: No BQs

    September 13: No BQs

    September 12: 1. Who runs the Legislative Branch? 2. What does the Executive Branch do with laws?

    September 11: 1. Who gave us the idea of a republic? 2. Who came up with checks and balances?

    September 10: 1. What did federalists advocate for? 2. What were the Federalists Papers?

    September 9: 1. What was the Virginia Plan? 2. What was the New Jersey Plan?

    September 6: 1. Who is the "father of our country?" 2. Who is the "father of the Constitution?"

    September 5: 1. Name 2 reasons why the Articles of Confederation were weak. 2. What was the impact of Shay's Rebellion?

    September 4: 1. What was the only branch of government under the Articles of Confederation? 2. What was the Northwest Ordinance?

    September 3: 1. Who had power under the Articles of Confederation? 2. What was the Land Ordinance of 1785?

    September 2: NO SCHOOL

    August 30: 1. What kind of government does the USA have? 2. What does "separation of church and state" mean?

    August 29: No BQs

    August 28: No BQs

    August 27: 1. What are your 3 inalienable rights? 2. Who famously said, "give me liberty or give me death" to rally colonists support?

    August 26: 1. What 2 countries greatly helped the colonists? 2. What was someone who sided with the British called?

    August 23: 1. ;What happened at Yorktown? 2. What treaty ended the American Revolution?

    August 22: 1. Why was Trenton an important victory for the Colonists? 2. Describe Valley Forge in 3 words. 

    August 21: 1. Who wrote Common Sense? 2. What was the turning point in the American Revolution?

    August 20: 1. What is a redoubt? 2. What were the 3 purposes of the Declaration of Independence?

    August 19: 1. Who wrote the Declaration of Independence? 2. What was the first battle of the American Revolution?

    August 16: 1. Who did the Intolerable Acts punish? 2. What did the colonists use the Boston Massacre as?

    August 15: 1. What was the impact of the French and Indian War? 2. Who emerged from the French and Indian War as a hero?

    August 14: 1. What is the first thing you should look at on a map? 2. What does the G stand for in DOGSTAILS?

    August 13: 1. Name 1 question from the US Citizenship Test? 2. How are you feeling about taking the test?

    August 12: 1. Is it a requirement to pass the US Citizenship test to graduate high school in AZ? 2. Name 1 thing you remember about the American Revolution?

    August 9: 1. What are you looking forward to in 8th grade? 2. What are you looking forward to in Social Studies?