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  • 20 Activities to "Bloom" with Flip Grid

    Posted by Alisa Gould, Title 1 Teacher at HTES on 10/2/2019 1:00:00 PM

    Want to see how Flipgrid can be used to support many different learning targets?  Check out this "Ditch that Textbook" blog post by Matt Miller!
    Click on the image below!

    Collage of Words about Flipgrid

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  • Great article about Technology and Learning

    Posted by Nancy Pratt on 1/20/2019

    Hey everyone,

    Read this article by George Couros, written on January 20, 2019.  What is your reaction to it?  How does this article relate to our work with the Technology Integration Matrix goal-setting and planning?  What do you see in your classrooms, and in your schools?  What are some ways we can support educators as they transition from learning to use technology to using technology to learn?

    Quote from George Couros

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  • 8 Essay-Free Ways to Share Student Research

    Posted by Nancy Pratt on 4/4/2018

    Hi Everyone!

    Found this incredible article with 8 ideas for how students can share their research, other than writing a research report!

    "8 Essay-Free Ways to Share Student Research" by Angie Miller

    It highlights 8 ways:

    Public Service Announcements
    Websites-(And with the new Google Sites, this is easier than ever!)
    Community Awareness
    Letters to the Editor
    Ted-ish Talks
    Infographics-(Again with Google Draw, or Google Slides, students have a free resource at their fingertips)

    How about adding a comment below about how you have used any of these in your classrooms with students!  There might be a Starbucks Card in it for you!!  Prize Drawing will happen next Wednesday!

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  • Google Keep~Have you seen it?

    Posted by Nancy Pratt on 12/6/2017

    Description:Google Keep Icon

    • Capture, edit, share, and collaborate on your notes on any device, anywhere.
    • Add notes, lists, photos, and audio to Keep.
    • Organize your notes with labels and colors.
    • Set and forget. Get reminded about a note at the right time or place.
    • Record a voice memo and have it automatically transcribed.
    • Grab the text from an image to help you quickly find that note again through search.

    Classroom applications for Google KEEP:

    • World language practice using voice memo
    • Collaboration on research reports
    • Anytime Anywhere work
    • Using Voice Memos to provide feedback 
    • Students can use Google Keep for their notetaking, then transfer the notes directly to their Google documents
    • Share to-do lists
    • So much more...... See Below for some resources I gathered to help us learn more about Google Keep!

    Helpful Links:

    Kasey Bell's Google Keep CHEAT SHEET

    10 Minute Podcast by Cool Cat Teacher Vicki Davis-"How to use Google Keep in the Classroom"

    Google Images for Google Keep--will give you ideas on how it is being used.

    App Store Page

    Chrome Store Page to get the Extension for your Chrome Browser

    Infographic:  15 ways for students to use Google Keep

    7 Features of Google Keep for Your to Teach With-Blog post by Alice Keeler

    Helpful Videos:

    90 Second Quick Overview of Classroom Use

    Full-Length Tutorial (28 Mins)

    Challenge:  How do YOU use Google Keep with your students?  Let us know by typing a comment below and sharing your ideas.  You will be put into a drawing for a nifty little prize! 

    By The Way:   Our last challenge winner was Christina Muller from HTES!  Thanks for all the comments on Tony's Tips Blog post from last week!  Chrissy your prize is coming your way!

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  • CCUSD Digital Badge Recognition

    Posted by Nancy Pratt on 11/29/2017

    We know that our teachers are extremely talented!  We want to celebrate your expertise and also help grow your passions.  So, we developed a Digital Badge system.  Here's how it works:Image of digital badges

    1. Go to the Digital Badge Website.  Pick a subject from the left navigation.
    2. If it is something you are already good at: work on creating evidence to show you are an expert on that topic.
    3. If it is something you would like to learn:  request support on that topic and we will contact you and give you personal PD to support your personalized learning.
    4. Show your stuff by creating evidence that shows your knowledge and/or your students' knowledge of this topic.
    5. Submit the evidence through the google form found on the Digital Badge Website.
    6. We will award the digital badge on your Teacher Contact Page, and send you a paper badge to put on your wall!
      1. Here are a few examples of teachers in CCUSD who already have some badges!
        1. Janet Anderson
        2. Rachel Brashears
        3. Jessica Cresswell
        4. Carrie Katai
        5. Paige Russell
        6. John Thompson

    You can also earn an hour of professional development credit for each badge you earn!  

    Let's see how many badges we can get this month!  Each person who earns a badge or badges will be placed in a drawing for a small prize at the end of December!  You can have one entry for each new badge you earn!  Let the games begin!!!

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  • Tony Vincent's IOS Magic Tips

    Posted by Nancy Pratt on 11/21/2017

    Our Friend Tony Vincent is at it again!  He has an entire webpage devoted to IOS tips.  Lots of us have iPhones and/or iPads.  While you are enjoying your turkey leftovers this weekend, take a peek.  There is really something for everyone on this.

    You can find this at


    Image of Learning in Hand Website


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  • Today's Tech Tip! Welcome Back!

    Posted by Nancy Pratt on 8/11/2017

    Welcome back, everyone!!  

    About once a week I post a tiny instructional technology tip that might be helpful in your classroom. This year I will be focusing on maximizing what we have, and providing tips about HOW to integrate into different subject areas!

    Tech Tip Logo

    "Get To Know You" activities using technology!

    What are some great ways to do this?

    • iPads
      • Use PicCollage to have pairs of students create an "all about us" page for introductions.
      • Use Educreations where each student or group of students can create and narrate a 5 slide story about themselves.
      • Use Popplet to let students create a graphic web, with their picture in the middle and their favorites around that picture.
    • Google Applications
      • Use Google Slides as a collaborative presentation where each student gets a slide, and puts fun information about them.  OR two truths and a fib!!! 
      • Use Google "MyMaps" to have students create a visual map showing where they traveled this summer.
      • Use Canva or Piktochart to create infographics about their summer, or their goals for the school year.
    • Better Yet-Bump up the rigor and let students decide which application to use to introduce themselves!

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