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    Weekly Online HW - Your Quia account will have the link.  Once the link is removed, you


    Every week you have online homework worth 10 points.  Not doing them is not an option, as your grade will gradually drop.  You can use your notes, they aren't a quiz/test and you can do them as many times as you want (before the dute date) -- they are practice that's worth points.    You have 7+ days to do them, so THERE IS NO MAKE UP WORK.  Once the link in your quia account is gone, you can no longer do the work.   Either do it prior to being moved, or you earn & keep 0/10 points.  You have 18 of them EACH semester.  How many points out of 180 will you earn?


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    Self Prueba Template for MS Word
    Self Prueba Template for other than MS Word

    link to crossword puzzle maker 1
    2nd crossword puzzle maker
    3rd crossword puzzle maker