The Superintendent's Challenge 2019-2020

  • Are you up for it?

    The superintendent, Dr. Debbi Burdick, issued a challenge for CSHS students beginning July 1, 2012:  earn 50 hours or more per year in Community Service (200 hours total 4 years) by your senior year and receive a Superintendent's Challenge honor cord and certificate.

    Falcons: Earn a Varsity letter for completing 200 hours of community service in one school year.  Hours start accruing for the Varsity letter June 1st until deadline. 

  • Dr. Burdick awarding Superintendent's Challenge Certificates

  • Frequently Asked Questions:

    Q: I am a senior this year (CSHS Class of 2020) - how many hours do I need?
    A: If you've been enrolled at CSHS since freshman year, you'll need 200 hours by April 9, 2020.*

    *Class of 2020 deadline is April 9, 2020 so that student will be recognized at Senior Awards Ceremony and in the graduation booklet.

    Q: I'm a sophomore/junior at CSHS and have attended CSHS since my freshman year - how many hours do I need to meet the Superintendent's Challenge by my senior year?|

    Q: I'm a junior and I just started attending CSHS this year (19-20) - how many hours do I need to meet the Superintendent's Challenge?
    100 - New students 50 hours per year from the enrollment date.

    Q: I'm an incoming freshman - when do I start accruing hours for the Superintendent's Challenge and how many hours will I need by April of my senior year?
    June 1 of your freshman year and 200 hours by your senior year.

    Q: What paperwork do I need?
    You'll need to fill out an application (one time) and community service logs (as needed).  All paperwork is on the Superintendent's Challenge web page.

    Q: Who is my advisor?
    An advisor is any adult (teacher, principal, counselor, coach) at your school.

    Q: Can I start accruing hours without my advisor?
    Yes - please find your advisor as soon as school starts so they can sign off on your application and community service log.

    Q: What are the submission deadlines and who do I turn my paperwork in to?
    Deadlines are noted on the application and the community service logs.  After your advisor signs off on your application and/or community service logs, please send them to Julia Scotto ( in the District Office.


    Beginning July 1, 2013, Dr. Burdick opened up this challenge to Sonoran Trails Middle School Students.  STMS students may begin logging their community service hours June 1st  for the 2019-20 school year.  7th graders who accumulate 25 hours by May 4, 2020 will receive a certificate of achievement and a pin; 8th graders who accumulate 25 hours by April 20, 2020* will receive a certificate of achievement and a community service ribbon.

    *8th grade deadline is April 20  so that student will be recognized at the 8th grade promotion and in the promotion booklet.


    Beginning July 1, 2014, Dr. Burdick opened up the Superintendent's Challenge to all 5th and 6th grade elementary school students.  Elementary students may begin logging their community service hours June 1st for the 2019-20 school year.  Accumulate 15 hours by May 4, 2020 and receive your Superintendent's Challenge Certificate of Achievement.

    Do you have additional questions?  Contact Julia Scotto at or 480-575-2016

    Volunteer Opportunities

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    Cave Creek Museum
    Child Crisis Arizona
    Desert Foothills Library
    Desert Foothills YMCA
    Desert Foothills Presbyterian Church (email for volunteer opportunities - high school age students only): 
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    Foothills Foodbank
    Foothills Caring Corps
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    Kiwanis Marketplace: Email the Marketplace. The Marketplace is looking for volunteers Tuesday through Saturday 8:30am to 3pm. 
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