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    Creative Inquiry and School Closure 

    We hope you and your family are safe and doing well! As you can imagine, with schools closing and learning being shifted online, it is quite impossible to continue Creative Inquiry in the same manner we have been operating. However, we know your gifted children are still inquisitive, curious, and might even get bored if they complete their work quickly. In other words, your students haven’t stopped being gifted! 


    Because of this, we have outlined a plan for Creative Inquiry students for the remainder of the year. See below for the elementary (optional) and middle school (required) plans.


    3rd- 6th grade Creative Inquiry: 

    We want to provide students with OPTIONAL enrichment resources appropriate for gifted students. Beginning April 13th, Mrs. Marcis will be sharing various enrichment activities based on the Multiple Intelligences. These could be links to stories, puzzles, ideas, projects, experiments, etc. which students can choose (or not choose) to try at home. 


    Mrs. Macris might also provide opportunities for students to connect via FlipGrid, in which she might share a video message and provide an opportunity for students to send video messages back to the class. These connection opportunities are also all OPTIONAL.


    7th-8th grade Creative Inquiry Elective:

    Sonoran Trails 7th and 8th grade students who are enrolled in the Creative Inquiry elective will continue class according to the guidelines set forth by STMS and Principal Dolezal. Mrs. Macris will communicate the weekly lessons via the STMS virtual school electives page.


    Thanks for everything you do!

    Thomas Espy

    Director of Academic Services and Assessment

    Cave Creek Unified School District




    CCUSD’s Creative Inquiry Class will provide opportunities for students with gifts and talents to explore, develop, or research their areas of interest and/or talent.  Students will use problem-solving model strategies and provide opportunities for interaction with intellectual and artistic/creative peers.

     Students Experience Authentic Learning through
    Problem Based Learning

    Collaboration Pic Students work within collaborative groups,
    learning interdependence with like-minded
         peers, each bringing their own gifts to the
         group dynamic.


    Students investigate, research, and explore the
    real world problems within an area of interest
         (mathematics, biology, computer science, writing, art, medicine, etc.)


    Students design and create a product that…Tech Pic
    - provides a solution to the real-world problem
         - explains the problem and suggests solutions
         - educates the public and increases the awareness of the problem.


    Students share their solutions with a real-world audience…
    - community
    - experts/mentors in the field of study
    - parents
    - younger/other children.