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    Creative Inquiry Program



    2020-2021 Gifted Creative Inquiry Program
    Because of the unprecedented circumstances in our world and community, Creative Inquiry will be conducted very differently this school year. The model we have used for the past several years, with students traveling to STMS and interacting with peers from various schools, is not feasible nor responsible at this time. Please see below for the options available for 3-8th grade gifted students who choose Creative Inquiry. Parents of 3rd-6th grade gifted students will receive an email to register for Creative Inquiry during the week of 7/20/20.


    Elementary Students Grades 3-6

    Students in grades 3-6 will NOT be travelling to STMS for Creative Inquiry. Instead, students in grades 3-6 will have the opportunity to participate in an Optional Creative Inquiry at their home school, one day per week, taught by Mrs. Macris, the Creative Inquiry teacher. 


    Creative Inquiry days at the Elementary schools 

    Monday - DWES

    Tuesday - HTES

    Wednesday - BMES

    Thursday - DSA

    Friday - LMES


    Middle School Students Grades 7-8

    • Students attending in person at STMS will continue Creative Inquiry in person with Mrs. Macris in her new room 301.

    • AOE students will have the opportunity to participate asynchronously online.



     About Creative Inquiry 

    CCUSD’s Creative Inquiry Class will provide opportunities for students with gifts and talents to explore, develop, or research their areas of interest and/or talent.  Students will use problem-solving model strategies and provide opportunities for interaction with intellectual and artistic/creative peers.

     Students Experience Authentic Learning through
    Problem Based Learning

    Collaboration Pic Students work within collaborative groups,
    learning interdependence with like-minded
         peers, each bringing their own gifts to the
         group dynamic.


    Students investigate, research, and explore the
    real world problems within an area of interest
         (mathematics, biology, computer science, writing, art, medicine, etc.)


    Students design and create a product that…Tech Pic
    - provides a solution to the real-world problem
         - explains the problem and suggests solutions
         - educates the public and increases the awareness of the problem.


    Students share their solutions with a real-world audience…
    - community
    - experts/mentors in the field of study
    - parents
    - younger/other children.