Operations & Finance

  • Andrews, Marc
    Director of Technology

    Director of Finance

    Lynch, Caroline    

    Director of Human Resources

    King, Doug

    Director of Transportation

    Quinn, Shanon

    Director of Child Nutrition

    Rodriguez, Marcie
    Chief Financial Officer

    Santina, Mike
    Director of Facilities & Construction

Educational Services

  • Dr. Patty Jensen
    Executive Director of Elementary Leadership

    Mrs. Nancy Scott
    Executive Director of Secondary Leadership

    Mrs. Staci Wiese
    Director of Academic Services

    Mr. Bill Dolezal
    Director of Secondary Student Services

    Mrs. Elaine Vallario
    ECS Manager



School Site Administrators

  • Bagwell, Aaron
    Principal, DSA & AOE

    Barela, Sarah
    Principal, CSHS

    Collentine, Tandehl 
    AP Operations & Resources/Athletic Director, CSHS

    Hill, Emily
    Principal, LMES

    Johnson, Nicole
    AP Student Services & Curriculum, CSHS

    Owsley, Matt
    Principal, BMES

    Pettinato, Aaron
    Principal, HTES

    Roach, Dr. JoAnn
    Principal, DWES

    Sarraino, Jill
    Principal, STMS

    Wead, Jeffrey
    Dean of Students, CSHS

    Wright, Todd
    Assistant Principal, STMS