Operations & Finance

  • Andrews, Marc
    Director of Technology

    Chiarello, Ted
    Director of Finance

    Frison, Kent
    Assoc. Supt. of Operations & Finance

    Marlow, Janiene
    Director of Human Resources

    King, Doug
    Director of Transportation

    Quinn, Shanon
    Director of Child Nutrition

    Santina, Mike
    Director of Facilities & Construction


    Durbin, Gina
    Director of Education & Community Services

Teaching & Learning

  • Espy, Thomas
    Director of Academic Services & Assessment

    Igondjo, Carrie
    Director of Special Education

    Ladas, Cristina
    Director of World Languages

    Miller, Jana
    Assoc. Supt. of Teaching & Learning

    Pratt, Nancy
    Director of Instruction & Innovation

School Site Administrators

  • Bagwell, Aaron
    Principal, DSA

    Collentine, Tandehl
    AP of Athletics & Operations, CSHS

    Dolezal, Bill
    Principal, STMS

    Jensen, Patricia
    Principal, LMES

    Owsley, Matt
    Principal, BMES

    Pettinato, Aaron
    Principal, HTES

    Swetter, Jim
    Principal, CSHS

    Thompson, John
    Dean of Students, CSHS

    Umbarger, Laurie
    AP Student Services & Curriculum, CSHS

    Wiese, Staci
    Principal, DWES

    Wright, Todd
    Assistant Principal, STMS