AZELLA Information

  • UPDATE 3/31/2020

    Pursuant to HB 2910:


    • Statewide assessments are cancelled for the 2019-2020 school year. This includes AzM2, AIMS Science, MSAA, and AZELLA.
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    CCUSD Impact:

    AZELLA (English Language Learners)

    • CCUSD was near the end of the AZELLA testing window when schools were closed. Most of the the AZELLA tests were completed with a few exceptions. All completed AZELLA tests will be sent back for scoring.



    The Arizona English Language Learner Assessment (AZELLA) is a standards-based assessment that meets both state and federal requirements to measure students’ English language proficiency. AZELLA is used for both placement and reassessment purposes.

    Students who have been identified as second language learners on the Home Language Survey (Encuesta sobre el Idioma en el Hogar) take the AZELLA placement test, and the students’ proficiency scores determine appropriate placement for instruction. Students who have been placed into an English language learner program will also take the AZELLA reassessment once per year until they achieve proficiency. Students who have scored proficient on the AZELLA are then monitored for two years to help ensure success after their move into a mainstream classroom.

    Click here for more information regarding AZELLA  testing from the Arizona Department of Education.


    AZELLA Reassessment Testing Window:  February 4 - March 22

    Goal for ELL/La meta para ELL

    The goal is to help ELL students learn English quickly and move into mainstream classes with the depth of English knowledge necessary for rigorous class work. 

    La meta es ayudar a que los estudiantes de ELL aprendan inglés más rápido y pasen a clases regulares con el conocimiento de inglés necesario para el trabajo estricto de la clase.