Fourth Grade Curriculum

  • Fourth grade is a banner year for learning. The academic program becomes far more challenging than before. At this point, children are reading to learn instead of learning to read. Children are expected to demonstrate increased fluency, write clearly and accurately. They are expected to solve equations and problems using their growing reasoning and thinking skills. Core Knowledge instruction is in far greater depth as children explore such global topics as Europe in the Middle Ages, Feudalism, the Holy Wars, and Chinese Dynasties. They also will learn about the early history of America including life in the colonies, the American Revolution, the creation of the Republic, and the U. S. Constitution. Although we learn about global topics in Core Knowledge, the Fourth grade is also the year where students uncover their home state of Arizona. Major topics in science will emphasize earth science, the human body, and selected topics in chemistry and physics! Yes, fourth grade is a banner year!

    Please visit the CCUSD Elementary Curriculum page to read about all of the standards that your child will be learning this year.


Core Knowledge - Science

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