Welcome to AM/AZ Government

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    Nearly all people can withstand adversity, but if you want to 
    test a person's character, give them power.

    Welcome! As a citizen of a democratic republic, you have a responsibility to understand how your government works, remain informed on political issues, and actively participate through the act of voting. Because AM/AZ Government is a one-semester course, we will focus on the most important information you need in order to be an active and informed citizen. This includes the following main topics:

    1. The structure and functions of the three branches of government
    2. Separation of powers / checks and balances
    3. Federalism
    4. Civil rights and liberties
    5. Political parties
    6. Elections
    7. Foreign Policy
    8. Basics of Arizona government



Class Documents

Federal Government Leadership

  • President of the United States
    Donald Trump (Republican)
    Donald Trump

    Vice President of the United States
    Mike Pence (Republican)
    Mike Pence

    Speaker of the House
    Nancy Pelosi (Democrat)
    Nancy Pelosi

    Senate Majority Leader
    Mitch McConnell (Republican)
    Mitch McConnell

Arizona Federal Government Leadership

  • Senior Senator
    Kyrsten Sinema (Democrat)
    Kyrsten Sinema

    Junior Senator
    Martha McSally (Republican)
    Martha McSally

    U.S. Congressman
    David Schweikert (Republican)
    Arizona District 6 (most of Cave Creek)
    David Schweikert

Arizona State Government Leadership

  • Governor
    Doug Ducey (Republican)
    Doug Ducey