Vision Services

  • What are Vision Services?

    Vision Impaired operates as a related service that supports the student's access to the educational environment.  Vision services are provided to students who have been diagnosed, by a doctor, with a visual impairment and/or whose vision is interfering with learning.   

    What do Vision Service Providers do?

    A teacher providing services to visually impaired students works with students to promote success in the classroom.  Teachers will work with students individually or as a support in the classroom setting.  The teacher of visually impaired students provides supports to the classroom teacher and the student to ensure success.  The teacher provides the student with equipment and material to support the student.  The teacher works as a part of the evaluation and IEP team for students to develop and monitor IEP goals. 

    What are focus areas of Vision Service Providers?   

    The vision service provider focuses on assisting the students to access the general curriculum.