Program Descriptions

  • Special Education Developmental Preschool, 3-5

    Special Education Developmental Preschool, 3-5 is an early education program for 3-5-year-olds that concentrates on concepts presented through games, songs, movement, and other hands-on activities. These stimulate the senses, enhance academics and communication skills, encourage appropriate interaction, and teach problem-solving.

    Special Education Program for Academic & Language Success (PALS), K-5 Special Education

    Special Education Program for Academic & Language Success (PALS), K-5 is a cross-categorical self-contained program focusing on an integrated model of related service delivery. The goal of this program is to provide students with individualized skill development in the areas of academics, communication, functional skills and social skills aligned with the general curriculum in a smaller setting.

    Special Education Positive Learning Center (PLC), K-12

    Special Education Positive Learning Center (PLC), K-12 is a self-contained special education program to serve students with special needs in the area of social and emotional functioning.Positive behavior arises from students making good choices on their own and experiencing the consequences of those choices in a supportive environment.  Love and Logic is a philosophy that encourages the ability to make good choices and experience success.The student's behavior will be monitored through a classroom level system.  The students have the opportunity to move up and down the level system based on their individual behavior and classroom participation.  Each level affords appropriate privileges.

    Special Education Resource, K-12

    Special Education Resource, K-12 is a cross curriculum program that provides a continuum of services in the general education classroom or resource room in the areas of reading, mathematics, written expression, behavior support and study skills based on the student's needs.

    Special Education Full Inclusion, K-12

    Special Education Full Inclusion, K-12 is a program to provide education in a supported, heterogeneous, age-appropriate general education classroom, school, or community environment. A goal of providing team taught classes in content with general education and special education is a focus. 

    Life Skills, 6-8

    Life Skills, 6-8 is a program that provides the student an opportunity to learn academics, socialization, communication skills, pre-vocational/vocational skills, community-based instruction, and daily living skills, which enables the student to function at his/her most independent level. 

    Special Education Transition from School to Work (TSW), 9-12

    Special Education Transition from School to Work (TSW) , 9-12 is an optional school-to-work initiative for students with disabilities. It is designed to assist eligible students during their last 18 months of education to transition from school into competitive employment. Cave Creek Unified School District has a collaborative agreement with Vocational Rehabilitation to offer vocational services and support to students that have a barrier to employment.