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    Exception Requests 

    Each school in the District has an attendance area. Regular bus transportation is provided for students only from within each school's bused attendance area. This does not include walk zone areas.  While a school may provide an exception to the attendance area policy under the variance policy, this exception does not carry over to school bus transportation. School bus stops for each school are only created within the attendance area for that school.

    For students residing within the attendance area of their school, a bus stop will be created for each student.  This stop is referred to as a student's "Assigned Bus Stop". Students who ride a school bus are expected to use their assigned bus stop. Exceptions to the assigned bus stop procedure may be made on a case-by-case basis. The Exception Request Form must be completed and signed by either a parent or guardian. The Fax number is no longer in service, please return the completed form via email to [email protected] or give it to the bus driver.   

    Click here for An Exception Request / Drop Off Release Form

    All exception request students must be met by a parent, guardian or someone who is authorized to meet your child at the bus stop, unless you sign the drop off release portion of the form taking responsibly for your child to walk alone from the bus stop. 

    Exception requests are for ongoing situations - not an occasional event. Occasional events are handled by bus passes from the student's school. An example of an exception would be students with two household addresses. Exceptions are not used for play days, after school jobs, classes not associated with CCUSD or selecting a stop for the reason of different pick up and drop off times. Each family will be limited to one exception per student. Please indicate if the request is for AM, PM, or both. Please note that additional bus stops WILL NOT be created, nor will dead stops be reactivated for exception requests - the student must use an already established bus stop that is currently in use. In addition, ALL exception requests WILL be purged at the end of each school year and WILL NOT carry over from year to year.