• Unit 12

    Overall Goal: to express weather in the Present and Immediate Future tenses.


    • Students can express the weather.
    • Students can express the weather in a particular place.
    • Students can describe where things are on a map.
    • Students can describe why the weather is affected based on place.
    • Students can describe the current weather and the current climate.
    • Students can create a forecast and describe the weather and climate for the week.
    • Students can express what they do and what they are going to do.


    • expressing the Immediate Future Tense formula.
    • using Verb Expressions
    • expressing "it" as a subject
    • changing from one tense to another tense.
    • describing a place using adjectives.
    • expressing how and why something is affected.
    • reviewing "estar" to describe location.
  • Weather