• Unit 1

    Overall Goal: To describe the personality and some physical characteristics of ourselves and other people.


    • Students can describe their own personalities and some physical traits to the teacher and peers alike.
    • Students can guess who someone else is describing based on his or her description.
    • Students can describe any given person's personality.
    • Students can use gender agreement within a given context.
    • Students can apply pronunciation rules to their word choice and sentence structure.


    • Subject Pronouns
      • What is a subject?
      • What is a pronoun?
      • How do subjects relate to verbs?
    • Conjugation of "ser"
      • What is the real definition of a verb?
      • What does verb conjugation mean?
      • What does it mean for a verb to be regular or irregular?
      • How do I conjugate a verb with subject pronouns?
    • Basic Adjectives
      • Where do basic adjectives go in reference to the noun that they describe or modify?
      • What is gender agreement?
      • What is number agreement?
  • Unit 1.2 and 1.3 Vocabulary: Basic Adjectives

    1. aburrido- boring
    2. activo- active
    3. alto- tall
    4. antipático- mean
    5. atlético- athletic                   
    6. bajo- short
    7. bonito, guapo, lindo, hermoso- attractive
    8. bueno- good
    9. calvo- bald
    10. cómico, gracioso- funny            
    11. cortés- polite
    12. delgado- thin
    13. divertido- fun
    14. energético- energetic
    15. feo- ugly
    16. flaco- skinny
    17. flexible- flexible
    18. gordo- fat
    19. grosero- rude
    20. inteligente- smart
    21. joven- young
    22. limpio- clean
    23. malo- bad
    24. perezoso, flojo- lazy
    25. ruidoso- loud
    26. simpático- nice
    27. sucio- dirty
    28. terco- stubborn
    29. tímido- shy
    30. tonto- dumb
    31. tranquilo, calmo- quiet
    32. valiente- brave
    33. viejo- old