• Unit 6

    Overall Goal: to describe where we go and what we are going to do


    • Students can describe what they are going to do using the Immediate Future Tense.
    • Students can describe where they are going to go.
    • Students can describe how often they go somewhere.
    • Students can describe where they live.
    • Students can describe where they are from.
    • Students can describe the rooms in their home and what they do in each room.
    • Students can describe their town, address and places.


    • Conjugating Regular IR Verbs
      • Comparing Regular AR, ER and IR verbs
    • Review of Regular versus Irregular Verbs
      • Comparing AR, ER and IR Regular verbs with: ser, estar and ir
    • Creating a expressive formula with the Immediate Future Tense
    • Review describing how often they do something.
    • Review prepositional phrases comparing where each room is and where places are.
    • Review adjective agreement when describing our homes.