About our Technology

  • The Technology Department oversees and supports the implementation of Information Systems and Technology resources for seven district schools, and the District Office departments.  Computerized systems include products from Novell, Microsoft, Infinite Campus, Apple, Dell, Hewlett Packard, and many others.  Most classrooms are equipped with media projectors and an Interactive White Board or other wireless technology to assist in student learning and engagement. The district has campus-wide Wireless networking at all schools which allow students, staff and visitors to access the internet in almost any location within our schools and district offices.  Students may use WiFi by connecting to the BYOD network using their student login ID and password.  Staff and visitors may connect to the "Public" network.  Internet content monitoring and filtering software is used to prevent access to inappropriate content, and is managed based on the credentials used when connecting to the network.  Students and visitors are filtered at a more strict level than administrators, teachers, and other staff.

    The district utilizes Infinite Campus as its state compliant Student Information System. The Technology Department oversees the implementation and management of this application as well as various other business level/department specific applications.

    With regard to software, the district supports a variety of curriculum packages such as Accelerated Reader, Star Reader, Study Island, Destination Success, and many more.  On-line research sources such as EBSCO, SIRS, and World Book Encyclopedia are also available to our students and teachers. We have standardized with Microsoft Windows as our desktop operating system. However, we also use Apple devices throughout the district including iPads and iPods as well as MacBooks and iMac computers in specialized computer lab locations.