Superintendent's Current Letter to the Community

  • January 2020

    Dear Parents, Community and CCUSD Staff,

    At the December 9th Governing Board meeting, we presented our new Strategic Plan for Excellence and Innovation 2020-2023 to the Governing Board. Over 600 stakeholders in our school community responded to the following four questions last school year to provide insight into this new plan: 

    • How will our learning environment be structured to meet the needs of our students?
    • What does the perfect school look like?
    • How will we prepare our graduates to be ready for college and 21st Century careers?
    • What do you feel are non-negotiables for student learning and success?

    Last spring and this fall, 31 dedicated community members, parents, staff and students met for deep dialogue and consideration to develop the following five goals from the input submitted from the public, our school site councils and PTOs, and our staff and students:  

    1. Ensure a unique, innovative learning experience for all students that develops well-prepared graduates for college and careers.
    2. Create a student-focused environment that enhances and promotes learning.
    3. Identify and address our learning community’s physical, social and emotional needs to encourage each individual to reach their full potential.
    4. Build optimistic and resilient students for success in career and life.
    5. Explore and secure resources to support innovative learning for students and staff.

    This insightful committee next worked on identifying strategic outcomes to support each goal. From that work, staff added activities and tasks to accomplish the work. To view the entire document, including the Strategic Outcomes and the Activities/Tasks, see the Strategic Plan online.

    Additionally, the committee refined the District’s vision:  Inspire students to become independent, contributing and engaged members of society. They also reaffirmed the mission:  Inspire Excellence.

    We are extremely excited to start this work in January 2020 as we venture forward with meaningful work to benefit our students as well as the staff that support them.


    Dr. Burdick Signature

    Debbi C. Burdick, Ed.D.