Superintendent's Current Letter to the Community

  • Dr. Debbi Burdick

    June 2018

    Dear Parents, Community and CCUSD Staff,

    On May 24th, we were proud to graduate our Cactus Shadows High School Seniors.  Here is the Class of 2018 by the numbers:

    • The Falcon Class of 2017 had 405 graduates including 73 from our CS eLearning Program and 6 early graduates.
    • 182 of our graduates had been in CCUSD from kindergarten.
    • We had 224 female grads and 181 males. 
    • Their combined GPA was a 3.427 on a weighted scale and the highest at 4.851--Congratulations Valedictorian Rachel Curnutt!
    • Generation Z is known to want to make a difference. Thirty-seven seniors participated in the Superintendent’s Challenge over the 4 years accruing 9960 hours of community service.  Of those, 29 seniors completed the Challenge—200 hours over four years.
    • Nineteen seniors received a varsity letter or pin for accruing over 200 hours of community service this school year.
    • Senior Nicholas Wintermeyer had the most hours over his 4 years-- 833 hours of community service.
    • On AzMERIT, our state exam and compared to other public school district high schools, the Class of 2018 ranked #10 in Algebra I and #13 for Geometry in Arizona. They were in the top 4% on the 9th grade English-Language Arts exam, in the top 6% for 10th grade and top 10% for 11th grade. The AIMS Science scores for our Cactus Shadows Seniors were in the top 9% in the state for public district high schools, as well.
    • Three hundred and forty-six seniors are going onto college and 14 to the military to serve our country. Seven will be attending other types of post-secondary schools. Two are moving onto an apprenticeship and 10 onto Career Education. Twenty students plan to move onto the world of work.
    • They have been awarded $15,304, scholarships to date with 453 total scholarships. If divided equally, this averages $37,789 per graduate.
    • Twelve of our student athletes have signed letters of intent.
    • The Class of 2018 is very ready for college and are starting at universities with college credits already earned:
      • 12 seniors were in the IB program;
      • 17 seniors were in the Puma College Connection or Early College at Paradise Valley Community College (PVCC);
      • 223 seniors took PVCC Dual Enrollment courses;
      • 186 seniors took AP courses over the four years.
      • 303 took Honors courses over the four years.
      • 382 seniors were enrolled in a CTE or Career and Technical Education Class, over four years.
      • And, 7 were in the Certified Nursing Assistant Program through PVCC.

    Congratulations to the Cactus Shadows Class of 2018!

    As always, I look forward to seeing you next August in our schools.


    Debbi Burdick, Ed.D.


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    Debbi C. Burdick, Ed.D.