Superintendent's Current Letter to the Community

  • January 2019

    Dear Parents, Community and CCUSD Staff,

    There has been much discussion in the news, not only in AZ but across the country, about increasing social concerns involving today’s youth. More youth are using drugs and alcohol, depression is being seen in younger age groups and suicide ideation/attempts/deaths are increasing. CCUSD has multiple prevention programs in place to help our students as they face life’s challenges outlined below with short descriptors:


    2 Elementary Counselors

    Second Step Social/Emotional Learning Program

    • Emotion management, problem solving, empathy, friendship, assertiveness, being an upstander.

    Digital Citizenship

    • Stress reduction tool in dealing with conflict, and adversity while increasing ability to focus and control impulses.


    • Becoming familiar with our own thoughts, emotions, physical sensations and feelings to help self-regulate.

    Student Support Groups

    • Grief/Loss, Friendship, Social Skills

    Middle School

    2 Middle School Counselors

    Second Step Social/Emotional Learning program

    • Anti- bullying, sexual harassment, empathy education, coping with stress.

    Digital Citizenship


    Social Emotional Learning (SEL) Team

    • Team that includes administration and staff to come up with new ways to integrate SEL into the classrooms.

    Student Support Groups

    • Grief/Loss, Friendship, LBTBQ, Study Skills

    High School

    5 High School Counselors; Social Worker, High School Health & Wellness (HSHW) Prevention Coach

    HSHW grant

    • Prevention and early intervention services for high school youth by supporting effective prevention and evidence-based practices.

    RX 360

    • Program that address how to identify prescription drug abuse; resistance strategies;
      dangers of prescription drug abuse; and risks of sharing medication.

    Project Success

    • Delivered to 9th grade students, Project SUCCESS is a program that provides a full
      range of substance abuse prevention and early intervention services.

    Life Skills for a Healthier You

    • Five week, 1.5 hour education/ diversion program designed for families who
      suspect their child is drinking or doing drugs; know their child is using drugs and
      seeking assistance or for students who are dealing with consequences from school
      or the courts for alcohol and drug related offenses.

    MPOWRD (Teen AA)

    • 12 Step Support Group Program offering unconditional support for teens struggling
      with an addiction.

    Falcon Pride Academy

    • Program goals are to reduce out-of-school suspension, improve attendance, increase
      engagement and achievement, and positively impact school culture in a short term
      classroom environment.

    Too Good for Drugs and Violence

    • Delivered to Falcon Pride students, the program teaches essential social and
      emotional learning skills

    Healthy Relationships

    • Targeted primarily for 9th grade students, this program stresses the importance of
      having healthy relationships and teaches signs/characteristics of an unhealthy

    In Their Shoes

    • Program that students discuss teen issues such as sexting, pregnancy and stalking.

    Student Support Groups

    • ADHD, Concerned Persons, Grief/Loss, Anxiety/Depression, College/Careers,
      LBTBQ, Stress Management, Study Skills, MPOWRD

    Breakaway Leadership Team (BLT)

    • Student led group that increases school connectivity for all students.

    Foundations for Academic Mentoring (FAM)

    • 9th and 10th grade program for identified students to gain assistance on their
      academic and social needs.

    For additional information on any of these programs, contact your school principal or
    Director of Education and Community Services, Gina Durbin, at
    Happy New Year and as always, I look forward to seeing you in our schools!


    Dr. Burdick Signature

    Debbi C. Burdick, Ed.D.