Dr. Debbi Burdick's Vodcast

January 2019

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Script for the January 2019 Vodcast

  • January Vodcast 2019

    Hello, I am Debbi Burdick, the very proud superintendent of the Cave Creek Unified School District.

    There has been much discussion recently and frankly, every school year, about homework, especially when students struggle with the amount of homework being assigned.  CCUSD Governing Board Policy IKB states in part:  Homework shall be assigned to each student on a routine and systematic basis consistent with the maturity, special needs, potential, and achievement level of the individual student. The student should learn to accept a responsibility for actively pursuing knowledge without immediate supervision outside, as well as within, the classroom. 

    In addition, Governing Board Regulations IKB-R gives time parameters for grade bands:

    Homework should be assigned according to age, maturity level, individual needs, and interests of the students.

    ■ Students may spend up to 20 minutes daily on homework in grades 1 - 2, up to 30 minutes in grade 3.

    ■ Students may spend up to 60 minutes per night on homework in grades 4 - 5.

    ■ Students may spend up to 2 hours per night on homework in grades 6 - 8.

    ■ Students may spend up to 3 hours per night on homework in grades 9 - 12.

    These guidelines fit very closely with what has been recommended by researcher Harris Cooper and endorsed by the National Parent Teacher Organization (PTA).  They suggest 10-20 minutes per night in first grade and an additional 10 minutes per grade level thereafter; such as 20 minutes of homework for second grade.  However, our high school times are higher than the suggested 120 minutes or two hours for 12th grade. Our high school students are held to a higher standard than in some school districts and Cactus Shadows High School is known for challenging its students and providing appropriate rigor.

    Yet, if a parent believes that their student has too much homework, especially in the secondary grades where they have more than one teacher assigning homework, the parent should start by requesting a conference with the teacher or teachers where the student may feel overburdened with homework.  If the parent feels more discussion is still needed, they should contact the school principal.  Oftentimes, there are accommodations that can be made to assist the student.

    I hope this information was helpful and as always, I look forward to seeing you in our schools!