Dr. Debbi Burdick's Vodcast

September, 2019

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Script for the September 2019 Vodcast

  • September Vodcast 2019

    Hello, I am Debbi Burdick, the very proud superintendent of the Cave Creek Unified School District. This year, I will focus my vodcasts on our schools and departments since it has been a few years since doing so and we always have exciting updates to share.

    This month, I will be highlighting Black Mountain Elementary School.  BMES emphasizes the performing arts, not only vocals, band, ukulele and guitar, but also dance, drama and visual arts There is a dedicated BMES teacher for music, art, dance and drama, and a band teacher that is shared with the other elementary schools. BMES’ drama productions and dance shows are standing room only at the CCUSD Fine Arts Center.

    In addition, BMES has physical education in a full-sized gymnasium and all students learn Spanish through their Spanish FLEX Program (Foreign Language Experience), including the pre-schoolers.  And, of course, English language arts, math, science and social studies are taught in lessons infused with technology when appropriate.

    BMES’ proud principal is Mr. Matt Owsley who charms the students, parents and staff with his catchy YouTube videos. He travels the school with a rolling desk and chair to the students’ delight; and, one of my favorite Mr. Owsley antics was when he was Elf on the Shelf on the BMES roof!

    However, don’t let his fun with students lead you to think he isn’t serious about teaching and learning. Mr. Owsley and his teacher team are always learning, as well as focused on student well-being and growing their students’ achievement. BMES has implemented Project Based Learning and Personalized Learning.  His caring and skillful staff concentrate on the whole child and designing lessons that are engaging and interactive.

    To schedule a tour and learn more about this arts-infused school located at 33606 N. 60th St. in Scottsdale, call 480-575-2101.

    I look forward to seeing you in our schools. Thank you for listening.