Dr. Debbi Burdick's Vodcast

June, 2020

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Script for the June, 2020 Vodcast

  • June Vodcast 2020

    Hello, I am Debbi Burdick, the extremely proud superintendent of the Cave Creek Unified School District. It is an understatement to say that it was an unusual school year but I could not be prouder of our entire CCUSD community as EVERYONE adapted to our Virtual Schools and we all learned to expand our patience, resourcefulness, and flexibility.

    Now the million-dollar question is, “What will school look like this coming August?”  There are so many factors that play into the answer to that question that at this time, we cannot answer it definitively.  We are waiting on clear guidance from the AZ Department of Education, our Governor, our state health officials, and the Centers for Disease Control or CDC.  We also are listening to parent and guardian feedback on their comfort level in sending their children back to brick and mortar school.  We know that the priority is the safety and wellbeing of our students first, and then, of course, academic learning and growth.

    To assist us as we consider options, we have already formed a Return to School Team to consider academic learning options for the 2020-2021 school year.  We will also be forming a second committee to consider health guidelines and how operationally what we would need in place to reopen our brick and mortar schools.  As we get some knowns from both committees, we will keep you updated and hope to answer questions with more than just hypotheticals.

    Again, thank you for your tolerance and understanding as we move into the next phase of school during a pandemic. Thanks for listening and I will look forward to when I can once again see you IN our schools!