Reading Test: The reading comprehension test will be on Thursday or Friday of each week (depending on which group is with me). The weekly assessments test students' understanding of the major Reading and Grammar skills in each week.


    AR: Your child will have an individualized AR goal. The goal will go in the grade portal as four different grades 25%, 50%, 75%, and 100%. When they have achieved that percent of their goal a grade will be put in.

    Classwork: There will be some classwork that is graded. If you see a percentage on the top of a paper it went in the grade portal. If it has a star, smiley face, etc. this is something we went over in class and does not count as a grade.


    Grammar: Each week a new concept will be taught in grammar. The concept will be embedded into the reading test to check for understanding.  

    Writing: We will work on different writing assignments throughout the year. They often take more than one week. Some writing assignments will be assigned as homework occasionally.


    Packet: On Monday a spelling packet and list will be sent home with the week’s words. The packet is due on Thursdays and counts as a homework grade.

    Test: Each Friday your child will take a spelling test. There are eighteen words on the list each week. Fourteen words are following a new spelling pattern and four are review from previous weeks. There are also four challenge words on the list. I will choose one challenge word for a bonus on the test. All eighteen words will count on the weekly test and will go in the grade portal as a test grade in Language Arts.  Some students may need to have a modified list. If you feel this is necessary for your child please contact me. If your child is absent for the test please give it to them at home and send it in when they return.

     Social Studies

    Classwork: Some assignments will be graded and go into the grade portal as a classwork grade.

    Test: When there is going to be a social studies test a study guide will come home for your child to study. The test will be very similar to the study guide and will count as a test grade.

    Project: There will be a few social studies projects assigned throughout the year. They will go in the grade portal as a project grade.







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