Speech and Language Services

  • What is Speech/Language Therapy?

    Speech/language therapy is designed to help students with speech/language impairments to successfully communicate in their academic environment

    What does the Speech/Language Pathologist do?

    The Speech/Language Pathologist is trained to help students' communication skills to grow academically and socially by planning activities around their specific needs.  The Speech/Language Pathologist will collaborate with parents and classroom teachers.

    What are speech/language therapy focus areas?   
    (The rate at which children develop various skills varies and that is taken into consideration at the time the child is being referred for evaluation/therapy.)

    Articulation/Phonology: refers to the production of speech sounds

    Fluency: an interruption in the smooth flow of speaking

    Language: the understanding and verbalization of spoken and written words

    Pragmatics: the social understanding and use of verbal and non-verbal communication at school