• 2023/24 News

    Monday 11/20 @ 2:15 will be an informational meeting for all student athletes interested in softball.  Meeting will be in the lecture hall.

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Practice Schedules

  • Practice Schedule:
    Varsity:  2:45 - 5:15 pm on the Varsity Field
    JV:  2:45 - 4:45 pm on the JV Field 


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Sport Blog

  • The High School Sports Parent

    by Jim Thompson Year Published: 2010

    Learning to compete on the stage of high school sports is a big transition for youth athletes and is often perplexing for their parents. In The Double-Goal Coach, Positive Coaching Alliance founder Jim Thompson articulated two goals of sports: winning on the scoreboard and the more important goal of using sports to teach life lessons. Now in The High School Sports Parent, Thompson provides guidance and practical, easy-to-use tools to show how parents can maintain a Second-Goal focus to: - Help their teen thrive and become a Triple-Impact Competitor who makes himself, his teammates, and the game better - Navigate the complicated high school sports landscape - Use high school sports endless procession of teachable moments to teach and reinforce positive character traits - Deal effectively with common dilemmas faced by high school sports parents Done right, high school sports is a meaningful development experience that athletes will remember for a lifetime. But that requires sports parents who understand their role and play it to the hilt. Research-based and reflecting Thompson s 25 years of pioneering work in youth sports, The High School Sports Parent is a roadmap for the tumultuous trip that parents embark upon when their children transition into high school sports.

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  • Elevating Your Game

    by Jim Thompson Year Published: 2011

    The latest book by Positive Coaching Alliance Founder Jim Thompson gives high school athletes easy-to-read information and inspiration to improve their performance in sports and beyond. Insights and exercises guide student-athletes to the ideal of a Triple-Impact Competitor, committed to improving oneself, teammates and the game as a whole. It includes valuable insights from sports psychologists and professional athletes about how to achieve peak performances, develop leadership skills, and compete with class. The book contains nine innovative, practical exercises that help improve athletes performance, including Goal-Setting; Building Team Chemistry; Honoring the Game: Competing with Class; and Using Your Power to Improve Your School Community. Sections also address common challenges, such as resolving issues with coaches and teammates, time management, nutrition and preparing for college. Coaches who use this book will create a common language that helps establish a culture of excellence, unselfish play, and improved teamwork.

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