• In order to retake a quiz or test in 8th grade French, you must have gotten earned a grade under 80% and attempted to improve your understanding of the material before retaking. You will be allowed to retake the quiz/test only once, and the most recent grade will be the one put in the gradebook.

    When filling out your request form, make sure you are detailed in how you studied for the retake. I will not accept vague answers such as " I studied for 2 hours" or " I looked at the vocabulary list". Please tell me what you did differently from your original study session, did you play games in Quizlet ? Did you have a partner help you drill the vocab ? Did you practice describing the objects outloud to your pet gecko ? Tell me what you did to improve your knowledge of the material. 

    You will need to have turned this form in before any retake is able to be scheduled. 

    Retake Request Form