Digital Learning

  • Throughout the year, students will be using multiple online tools to help them with their language-learning journy. It is recommended that students use their CCUSD email address in order to create the accounts on the websites we use in class. It makes it easier for students to remember. Their passwords should remain simple for them to remember, as I will not access their accounts to reset any forgotten passwords. 

Google Apps for Education

  • We will be using Google Classroom very often in this course. 
    Please be sure to sign into the correct GoogleClassroom to ensure correct grading.

  • DuoLingo - DuoLingo uses fun game-like repetiton to help students learn vocabulary and grammar in context. Students are able to participate in guided conversations with AI programs in order to simulate real-world conversations. 

    Lingvist - Lingvist is a vocabulary focused program to help students with their spelling while also aiding in vocabulary accusition.