Digital Learning

  • Throughout the school year we will use technology almost on a daily basis. Students will have access to the classroom technology cart which has chromebooks and ipads, they will also be able to use their own technology, as directed (cellphones, ipads, laptops, etc.)

    We will also take advantage of the many educational apps and online programs that are available such as; Nearpod, Google Classroom, Kahoot!, Quizlet, and more.

Google Apps for Education

  • While our school is a Google Apps for Education School my classroom is not what you'd call a Google Classroom.  However, students are encouraged to use their Google account, using Google Docs, Slides, E-mail etc., especially when making presentations and working with a group project. The codes for my google clasroom are the following:

    Spanish Imm.    9mvbqf

    Social Studies Spanish Imm. z6mdiu

    8th. WL B-4  8m02kd

    8th. WL B-5  uerxuw

    8th. WL B-6  h2z9q18



    Along with Google Classroom I use an app called Remind to help my students remember what their assignments are and when they are due. 

    Class Codes:

    8th Sp. Imm.    octavoi

    8th WL B-4       8thwl

    8th WL B-5       8thwlb

    8th WL B-6       8thwlb6