Digital Learning

  • In the fourth & fifth grades, we will be using the blended learning approach. Blended learning allows a mix of technology, working with peers, and traditional face-to-face instruction during class time. Each student will have the opportunity to use online programs as a part of rotations during their math class. This online program will allow the students to take advantage of setting their own pace as they learn.
    In addition to and as apart of this personalized learning approach, this class will use Canvas, Google Apps, Quizlet, Kahoot, Imagine Math, Quizizz, Khan Academy, flipped lessons, and Edulastic for weekly quizzes.

    This year we have also added Canvas as our online learning platform. Students and parents should regularly check for daily, or weekly work. 

    Each child has a Google account and will be engaged with technology all throughout the fourth and fifth grades.  The students will use technology in order to support and showcase their learning.

    In our classroom, we have access to Chromebooks for daily student's use as well as classroom projects. We also have access to DSA Ipads. Students and Families will also be informed about upcoming BYOT (Bring Your Own Technology) days where students are welcomed to bring in their own devices (handheld devices preferred) for classroom use. In addition, students will go to the DSA computer lab on a weekly basis. 


Google Apps for Education

  • Your child has a Google account and will be engaged with technology in fourth & fifth grade.  The students will use Google Apps including Google Slides, Google Docs, Google Drawing, Google Classroom, and more.

    Your child's google account is their student
    Passwords will be given out by their teacher.