Make-up Work

  • Before doing any make up work, please see Ms. Vago first as she will guide you on what type of assignment to do as a make up.

    CLIstudios: Students have the opportunity to take an online class to make up the class time they missed through CLIstudios. Below is the login information. In order to recieve the points, you will either have to video yourself doing the dance from the video or show Ms. Vago in person.

    Office Hours: Students can attend office hours with Ms. Vago to learn choreography. The followig times are listed below.

    Intermediate:Friday 2:05-3:05 or lunch by appointment

    Advanced: Thursday 2:05-3:05 or lunch by appointment

    Written Summaries: Students will be an assigned a topic to research and will be provided a magazine as a source. The wrriten assignments need to be 1 page double spaced.